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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wonderful Quote

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I read a quote by Margaret Thatcher that I just loved. I read it on someone's blog the other day and I can't remember whose it was. I have searched for it and I can't find it.

Here is the quote: "A leader is like a lady. If you have to tell someone you are, you aren't."

Isn't that marvelous? Sometimes, we feel like we have to advertise our "gifts", so others can appreciate them. However, this is wrong thinking, isn't it. When we are functioning in the gifts that God has given us, it flows naturally and people do recognize it, they just may never say anything to you about it! But why do we lead? Is it a natural functioning of our engiftments, or is it to get attention and affirmation from others? I believe that when we function in our engiftments, we don't always recognize that we are, because it is so natural to us. Some are behind the scenes kind of people, some are in front kind of people. That's ok. Do what you were made to do, for God's glory.

I also believe that we all are leaders, in some way. Some people don't lead groups or committee's but they are leaders of their children, or friends. Their words influence other people. When I realized that I was the biggest influencer of my children, it made me want to be very careful about what I spoke about, watched, listened to, read. They would take their ques from me! It is the same with other people. Some people do watch and take their cues from you.

There was a song we used to sing in Sunday School "Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See", and one verse went, "Oh be careful little lips what you say, for the Father up above is looking down in love, Oh be careful little lips what you say."
These are great words to live by. I know that I have said things I shouldn't have, and then have had to go back and apologize to someone. Sometimes, the apology is accepted, but the relationship may never be the same.

If you are a leader it will be obvious to others, however your leadership may not be on a national scale, or even a local scale. It may simply be with your children and neighbors, but what more important scope of influence is there?


  1. I have always wondered who to tell someone that. It isn't what you say you are... it is what you do as the person God made you. :)

    What grade do you teach in Sunday School? I have taught 2-3 year olds for 7 years now :) And that is one of our every week songs... I love it :)

    Love you Cousin (who may have once been removed, but brought back by God),

  2. I agree with you on this. In my homework yesterday we were to read John 13:1-7 (Jesus washing feet) But here is what Beth M wrote after this.

    "I don't know of many lessons stronger than the one Christ taught from His knees. He is a Gentle Giant.
    We are called to teach in one form or another-as a witness, as a living testimony, as a mother, as a neighbor. As we do, may we remember how God's Word is best served-with a pitcher and a towel.
    You may not think of yourself as a teacher, but if you really analyze the responsibilities God as given you at home, work and church, you'll probably discover that you do teach, in some style or position."

    I thought this went right along with what you were sharing with leadership Dee. All to give God the Glory!

  3. You are so right! I dont think some parents realize how much of what they do and say affects their kids. I love this post of yours. As I am not a mom yet, being a mom is a huge job that God has blessed you with. Its really a priviledge to lead your children in the way they should go. Being a leader as a parent is such an influential job!!!! I see all kinds of parents at work, most do it extremely well but there are some that have not seen their position as a parent to be so influential and dont value being a mom or dad. Very sad. Thanks for this post!

  4. I agree Paula, thanks for sharing that!

    Nicole, I don't teach Sunday School currently but I used to teach 3&4 year olds. Some of those kids are Mom's and Dad's now! Yikes!

    Alicia, you will be a great parent, because you have a heart yielded to the Lord! That is the key to everything!


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