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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ready for Spring!

I am so ready for Spring! The temperatures are much warmer now, and you can feel that the seasons have changed, well, ok, officially tomorrow!

March is a blustery and wet month here in Pennsylvania and we have been known to have a snowstorm in this month as well. BUT, you can see the bulb plants above ground and eager to burst forth with their beautiful flowers. Spring is a beautiful time here.

These pictures are from my garden last year, late spring or early summer. (Yes, our camera is still not working) This year, I need to do some work on landscaping. We had our drive way redone in the fall, and the flower beds by the road need to be changed. I am thinking of incorporating our mailbox bed with one of the beds. I think it will look nicer. I also need more ever green shrubs.

My climbing roses always do well, and add beauty inside the house as well.

I adore my birdbath, and I love the picket fencing that my husband surprised me with last year! The kids love it too as it gives them a "Secret Garden" to play in!

I hope to get the camera repaired soon, and post photos of the changes in my landscaping this year!


Nicole said...

looks just beautiful! God has given us such beauty for our lives! I too am ready for the warmer weather! We are still having winter storms out in "sunny" California :) Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

The tree next door is loaded with white blossoms. I just noticed this yesterday and so I think spring is on its way here!!

I keep wanting to plant sweet peas but I keep forgetting!

Melissa G said...

Your bird bath looks so pretty with the white fence in the background.
I would love to put up some bird feeders and a bird bath around here. I think we all would enjoy watching them.
Can we grow bulbs down here or is it too hot?


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