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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Reunion

photo credit: Lindsay Rabe

Just a quick pop in to say that we had a wonderful time at the family reunion.  Tim's Mom is in the aqua in the front of the group.  She is the only remaining Cornelius sibling.  Her sister in law, Aunt Lil is in the green shirt and black capris.

Many cousins, children of cousins and now grandchildren of cousins have enlarged the family.  What a precious time we had reconnecting with the Canadian branch of this wonderful family.

Great, great grandfather Thomas Cornelius left England for Brazil to make a new life and have a farm.  He prayed everyday for his many children by name and then would say "and all their descendant's."  This family is full of missionaries, pastors, and Christian workers of many kinds.  

What a delightful heritage to pass on to our own children.


  1. such a Godly heritage..
    a blessing, to be sure!


  2. Thanks for posting about the reunion! I haven't talked to mom yet so i haven't heard how it went. I'm glad to hear it was a good time.

  3. Nice photo! What a blessing to have a Christian family with so many serving the Lord.


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