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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Evening Glow

 In the evenings, I like to change the mood of our house, to quiet things a bit and help everyone begin to relax. 

I rarely use over head lighting anyway, but in the evenings I never do - unless there are games being played.  I like to turn end table lamps on, have my accent lighting on, and light my candles and oil lamps.
It makes the sink area an appealing space.


 The atmosphere becomes relaxed - last night we were watching a tv series online - not sure if we are going to like it or not but the premise is intriguing.  One day the power is on, the next is it off, for over 15 years.  But it seems as if the situation was man made and could be reversed.

I love making my home a warm, relaxing place for my family.  A place to gather after our busy, work filled days, to provide a place of sheltera place where they have the security of knowing that they are loved and delighted in and wanted.

This morning it is raining, and I have girls to take to work, and some product information to take to our marketing guy who is doing amazing things with our website.  If you want to be able to see the difference go to to see the way we inherited the site.  Then in about a week and a half we should be ready to launch the new site.  It is so different and amazing!  I am excited about it!

Do you take the time to prepare for the evening, slowing things down, changing the atmosphere in your home?  I'd love to hear what you do.


  1. Very cozy! I enjoy candles and oil lamps myself. So much nicer than electricity.

  2. I too like to put on the smaller lights. With our fall decorations out I go around turning on the little lights that are wrapped around our fall leaf garlands. Love it!! I love those little strings of lights. It definitely adds a nice warm touch.

  3. I love this idea, Deanna! I crave times of slowness and quiet. And I love candlelight. I am going to try this out...

    Can't wait for a peek at your new web exciting!

  4. No. I don't think John would be impressed. He needs light and lots of it. All I know is that I am tempted to shut off lights and they'd all be back in seconds. My sister was the same way. She wanted to be able to see. I am just as content to work at the computer without any lights. Perhaps I should burn a candle for myself! ☺

    I love that you do this for your family and that they enjoy it. Plus, it's a savings on the light bill.

  5. The house we are looking at has a fireplace. I am so looking forward to filling it with candles and enjoying a quiet flicker filled evening.

  6. You home looks lovely....those candles add such an ambiance.

    We have bath time, jammies, a bottle (for the baby), and prayers. I agree, there needs to be a routine to help everyone wind down.

  7. When even the kitchen sink looks welcoming, warm and cozy, you KNOW you've succeeded!

    I'm with you - candlelight and "easy" music helps here. I think a lot of it is in the "mindfulness" of creating the quiet...that in itself is a big part of it for me.

  8. i'm in complete agreement with this practice. lowering the lights sets the tone.. love it.

  9. So pretty!

    I love candles, firelight, and smaller cosy lamps.

  10. Yes, I do! I only use overhead light in the bathroom in the morning.
    But I do have a lamp in there too...
    Lamp light is so much more inviting, intimate, cozy.
    Also, your previous post about a rich life...gratitude is a wonderful blessing. Great post.

  11. I love candles too! I have hurricane lamps, that is what we call the old time oil lamps. What a great calm things.
    I love your pictures too.
    Have a great weekend my friend,


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