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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flower Arranging Creekside Cottage Style

 Cheryl, at Thinking About Home, posted about Flower Arrangements the other day.  She is doing a read through of Edith Schaeffer's wonderful book Hidden Art also called The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  Cheryl talked about how she doesn't have a green thumb but uses herbs etc, in her home for arrangements.  It is a wonderful idea and one I'd like to try when our herbs get going well.

I am not one to do formal arrangements here at the cottage.  I tend to go out and cut whatever is blooming and put them all in a jar or vase or even, at times, a small bowl.  

The arrangement at the top of this post is what I clipped today from the back of our cottage.  Small pink climbing roses, one small white climbing rose, two pale pink peonies, and some purple flowers, that I don't remember the name of.

 Being able to bring the beauty of a garden into my house is a joy to me.  It is a joy to see my daughters do this as well.  In the summer we will have day lily's, coneflower, daisies, black eyed susan's and spirea to add to the mix.  I'm hoping for some lavender but so far we've not had success with it from seed.  I am sowing some hollyhock seeds this week, and planting a red morning glory.

 I've learned to choose easy to grow perennials that pack a punch visually, since I want to have flowers and gardens but do not have lots of time to care for them.

 Peonies are stunning and so easy to grow.  I saw some one has called them 'field roses' and I like that.  They are gorgeous like roses and yet not in need of tons of care.  Plant them, they grow - leave some flowers on the bush to go to seed and they will come back the next year.

For this sweet arrangement I literally cut and gathered them in my hand.  Brought them in, and plopped them into the vase.

I believe that with decorating or flower arranging that you can't make a mistake if you use what you love.  


  1. I love fresh flowers especially when they come from my own garden, I bet your home smells wonderful! I have wanted to grow Peonies, but have not tried, I just might try since you said they were easy to grow. I also agree that you can't make mistakes arranging flowers when you use what you love,thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. The flowers look great....I believe the purple ones are spiderwort. Feeling sad my iris are almost done.But Justin cut some roses today-very cheery.

  3. your flowers are lovely, I have wanted a peonie rose for some time, they are dreadfully expensive in the shops. I am trying to find a someone in my circle of friends who will let me have one from there gardens... always the best way to get plants I think. I also have Edith's book somewhere you have encouraged me to find it and pull it out..if I can only remember where I put it.
    Thank you for sharing
    blessings Nell

  4. Great post! I am sure that you frequently make lovely arrangements by using the flowers in your beautiful cottage garden!

    (I think you have convinced a number of people to plant peonies this year by showing us your gorgeous blooms!) :)

  5. Yes, the pop of color and also their leaves provide a bit of drama. Very pretty.

  6. Bonnie is right-the purple ones are spiderwort. I love them, especially how they close up as the end of the day draws near.

    Your casual flower picking produced a beautiful bouquet! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Your idea and style of flower arrangement is exactly like mine. I just wish that I had more flowers in the yard to work with. I'm improving on that, though. Slowly but surely.

  8. Your Peonys are so beautiful!! tammy


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