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Monday, June 17, 2013

Winner Announced, Lindsay's Dream Job and The Goodness of God

I got my man to draw the winner of the Hand Milled Soap.

 The winner is....

 Jaclyn Hicks!  I'm so excited for you to get to use this wonderful soap!  Email me with your contact information and I'll get the soap mailed off this week!

In other news I wanted to share about Lindsay and her dream job.

Lindsay has always been an animal lover - it's a part of her DNA I think.  Horses, dogs, cats, birds, chickens, you name it - she is interested and loving it!

Here are a series of photos she took yesterday of her horse Sandy.  You can tell when Lindsay whistles for her and she turns and comes to her.

She has worked since a young teen at first a corn maze and then at
 Sight and Sound Theatres in concessions.  She has wonderful customer service skills, and has excelled in her position.  But she hasn't loved it nor did she love working in our shoppe.

After we decided to close our business, she noticed a job opening at her work in the animal handling department. 


They use live animals in all their shows and have a whole department that trains and cares for the animals.  She applied and they called her right away with "We were so excited to see your application!"  Apparently this job had been listed for 2 months!  They interviewed her right away, and though they had made a job offer to another person, they offered her a job as well!  Full time!

She gets to work with horses, camels, a young Brahma bull, parrots, llama's, dogs, sheep....

She even has costumes she has to wear at two different times in the show.  She leads a governor on horse back into Nod, then later retrieves a donkey from the set.  Out of sight, she retrieves animals during the loading the ark scene, haltering llama's and taking them back to the holding area...she is responsible for sending Noah's dog out to him on stage in the ark...

Can I just say that she is in heaven?  She is using her considerable skills already and is getting on the job training as well.  Every night there are stories of the horses worked with, camels that she is doing ground work with, a near catastrophe in the back of the ark when some sheep ran under the camels' legs to get to their food, and the camel freaked out!  Never a dull moment!

This job is so *her*.  Completely.

We are thanking God for providing meaningful work for her using the gifts and interests he has instilled in her.  

Oh, and when they do Moses next year?  She'll be driving a chariot onstage during the show...she is really beside herself with excitement!

Here at home she is busy with the horses and giving riding lessons on Mondays, our rooster and hen take her attention as do the chicks we bought.

Now here are two photos that are just plain cute and show off my granddaughter who turned three on Saturday!

I am so thankful for these days of blessing and joy.  I try to stay focused on the Lord's goodness in the midst of struggle, and his leading in times of uncertainty.  This is where we find daily joys.  He is good, He has a plan, and He is working His plan for my life.  I can and do trust Him with it.


Cheryl said...

Such exciting news about Lindsay's new job..."dream job" indeed! It is so exciting to see God's direction in a person's life, isn't it?

That Kamryn is the cutest thing...such sweet pictures! I know that she is one of those "daily joys."

Melissa G said...

Oh wow, wow, wow! I am so excited for Lindsay! What an amazing job!

Unknown said...

Absolutely adorable pictures and a wonderful opportunity for Lindsay!

Prayers during this time of uncertainty...

Vee said...

Stunning photos! Any chance that you'll ever use a larger format? Wowzer! So good... Anyway, I'm thrilled that Lindsay is working at a job that is so well suited to her. Wish that everyone could have that experience of doing work they love. What a cutie pie your three-year-old grandgirlie is.

Becky K. said...

The peace and joy is visible in you, Deanna. I am soooo happy for both you and Lindsay. Praise God!

Those pics of Kamryn are amazing! I especially love the one with the banana.

Terra said...

That is definitely her dream job and a good training ground at the same time. Jobs with camels are few and far between. Last I saw camels was at the camel races in Jericho, Jordan. Sweet Kamryn must give you joy.

Theresa said...

Who knew when you all decided to close the store that this opportunity would appear? I know who knew:) All in God's plan! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Theresa said...

Forgot to add... pretty horse and gorgeous Granddaughter:)

Rebecca said...

How incredibly exciting for Lindsay. We may have to make a plan to get there for Moses! (We saw Noah years and years ago at the old theater before the fire....My husband thinks may 1992????)

no spring chicken said...

Honestly, I am so excited with Lindsay. The job sounds amazing and as you know I have one daughter who will think YOUR daughter the luckiest girl on the planet! Your new format is wonderful and your pictures? Gorgeous. The only thing wrong with this post is that your dear husband was supposed to move his hand up just... a... bit when he chose the winning name. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Unknown said...

Congrats to the winner!
Praise God! How exciting for Lindsay! Tell her Congrats for me =)
Kamryn is adorable Great pictures!

sherry said...

in every thing, His hand guides. so wonderful for your daughter .. and your grand daughter is just adorable. ;)

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