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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bridal Shower

Lindsay's bridal shower was last and it was great!  It was very well attended and as usual we had has so much fun!

The evening started with candlelight for eating and visiting.  As you can tell I had to really edit these first three.

 My niece Shelly (Tim's brother's daughter) with Kayleigh.

 My niece Kaitlin (my brother's daughter) and Rachel.

 Emily and Emily or Emmie and Emma.  Long time friends!

We played just one game - design a bridal gown!  The ladies were reluctant at first but the younger girls got into it right away!  They all ended up have fun.

 We let Sarah hand Lindsay the gifts to open, which just thrilled her heart!

 This little lady is Molly.  She is a special friend of Lindsay's and is the flower girl for the wedding.

 Thank you friends for you gifts of love to help Lindsay and Joseph set up their house.  She was so thrilled and happy last night.

We are in full on celebratory mode here!  Nearly everything is in place for the wedding which is now just a week and a half away.  Tomorrow we'll be in single digits.  Family start arriving a week from today.  We are getting so excited!


  1. She looks radiant! :) So very happy for her!

  2. Oh what a fun shower:) I can't wait to have the fun in May! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. What sweet, happy faces...not the least of which is Lindsay's own! Such a blessing to share the joy with friends!

  4. Showers are so much fun - such happiness on Lindsay's face.

  5. It looks like fun! It certainly is a wonderful tradition when you think about it. Such a help to a young couple starting out!

  6. What a lovely showeer party, the toilet paper looks like it might have been fun,In my day we had coloured paper. The girls sure liked helping out, excited to open presents.

  7. It all looks wonderful! I have played that design a dress game. It's fun. I love games at a bridal or baby shower. Very sadly it seems that around here, too many have gone the way of the "express line" showers where they can drop in for a pair of minutes instead of truly "shower" the young bride or mother. I'm of the old school, and so are the ones closest to me. We'll be doing a shower for a young bride, and we might just be toilet papering up a dress or two.

    All so warm and lovely. I can feel it in the words and see it in the pictures.

    And how exciting to be heading down the homestretch. I will definitely remember to lift your mother's heart this coming week.

  8. Oh it looks like so much fun for everyone. I know Lindsay had fun gathering in her treasures for her new home from friends and family. She will be forever thinking of the one who gave her the gift. I still do after all these years and I even think of those who gave my mother hers and I even have one that I know from my grandmother's wedding, though only their names and not them.

  9. I have never met you but so excited for you all. Lindsay is radient and beaming. Lots of pics please xxx


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