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Monday, February 17, 2014

Wedding Prep: Last Minute Details

One of the hardest things to do at 12 days before the wedding is to get the bride and groom to focus on the details they are responsible for.  Like their playlist for the reception, vows, and the wedding covenant they want to sign during the ceremony.

Sigh.  I totally get that they are just ready to be married - all the rest of this is formality.  But alas it is important formality so it must be done!

The brides family and the grooms family now have all their attire for the wedding!  That is huge when you consider that we have 10 people, and they have 15!  We are waiting for baby Ben's bow tie to come.  We ordered from an Etsy store.  It's hard to find baby sized bow ties in the right color!  

This is what Kamryn is wearing to the wedding!  She was shopping with us the other day and we were looking at the dresses that Costco has right now.  She says from the cart "I like purple."  So I asked her "Which one is purple?"  She pointed to this dress and said "that one."  Smart girl.  We liked this one, too, so I texted my son to ask if they were okay with us picking this one up for her to wear.  They were.  We sent him this video, which of course melted his heart.

I also managed to make bread on Saturday - four loaves!  And I made cookies to take to the fellowship meal on Sunday.  

Emily and I are discussing last minute bridal shower details, too.

I have a change of plans for half the tables at the reception.  I'm working on that today.

I need to run.  It's all coming along beautifully.  I know that these last 12 days will go by so fast!  The DAY will come - it will be wonderful - then everything that was planned will be accomplished.  We will sit back in joy and satisfaction.  Lindsay and Joseph will be off on their honeymoon, and starting their life together as a married couple.  

We are all delighted for them.  

Oh, and the details?  They'll all work out.  I'm not worried one bit.  


  1. Kamryn is such a sweetie and she looks so pretty in that lavender dress. All the details will come together I am sure. I hope that the happy couple has a lot of fun with their "chores." It should be a joy to pull playlists and vows together. Right?! (I wouldn't want to do it, but someone must. ☺ )

  2. Busy! But fun. And you aren't talking at all about what it's going to be like without Lindsay there each day...

  3. Yes, it will all come together. And if there's a glitch, it won't matter at all. You'll be basking in the joy of the day!

  4. Sweet little dress she picked out, and as Lorrie says it will come together and all be wonderful. Have fun!


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