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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthdays: Kyle Is Nine

August 3rd is a big day around here.  It is the date of our youngest child's birthday.

He is now a Nine year old!  How does this happen?  

Why, he was three just the other day!


He is a fan of Legos, so I had him make a cool ship for the top of his birthday cake.

 Then we added Lego candles!

And began frosting many, many cupcakes for church tomorrow!

We are thankful for our boy.


  1. Oh my goodness. If I had seen three-year-old Kyle, I might have taken him home with me!! What a cutie!!

    The happiest of birthdays to your dear boy!

  2. Well now, he has always been cu...handsome! That's the word. Happy, happy birthday to Kyle!

  3. How cute is? There's something so endearing and just plain fun on a nine year old! I wish him the happiest of birthdays! Celebrate!!!

  4. He is just beautiful. (Don't tell him that someone used that word. He probably won't like it very much. Better say handsome instead.)

    I love the lego candles!

    (And I continue to lift Susanna the whole family. I can't even comprehend the grief. In truth? I don't want to be able to comprehend it. I just want to lift her in an "incomprehensible" way and let the Spirit speak in groans that words can't express, if that makes sense.)


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