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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Nearly Time

to bid our girl farewell, and leave her at her school, but not yet.

Emma is in her last week of work.  Just four more days, then a week to pack, and we head out on a week of vacation in Williamsburg.  Then we take her to her school.

She is excited and so am I, believe it or not.  She is going to be stretched and challenged and matured in these next two years.  God has been doing beautiful things in her life and that is only going to continue.

I will definitely cry some tears, but with texting, and FaceTime, I think we can connect each week.  

She has an adventurous spirit and is so much fun to hang around with.

I definitely will miss my girl, but I wouldn't hold her back from what God has for her for anything.


  1. The last sentence sums up my heart exactly. If I had my "druthers", I would have one daughter on one side of me and the other daughter on the other side. That isn't the way it worked out for us (for now at least), but God kept continually giving me a peace when the first one left for a distance and I'm praying in advance of it for the second one.

    I had remembered that you all were leaving at the end of the week. Have a wonderful time in Williamsburg! (One of our favorite vacation destinations.) I will pray for both parents and daughter in advance of your parting at the end of it.

  2. You have such a wonderful attitude about this transition!!

    May your beautiful Emma continue to grow in grace as she spreads her wings!

  3. That is the perfect approach to this moving forward! So many moms get it all wrong making it completely about themselves. Emily is ready and you've prepared her well. (Her school starts a little later than some. That's pretty cool.)


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