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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Waterlogue App Again

I've been having some fun with this great app. 

 I really like how this turned out.  Sometimes the faces aren't great on this app, but these turned out fine.  

 The chapel ruin at the Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Scotland August 2013.  
Tea cups drying after they've been scalded.  This was a photo I took the day after our Christmas tea last December.  I love the way this one looks, too!

This app is so fun to use.  It is now available for the iPad as well!

Do you have and use this app?  I am wondering how they would work as a digital upload to have them printed on a canvas.  They could be great Christmas photos!


  1. Clicking to see how to get it for iPad because I have access to one now. Also, I happen to have both daughters home for Labor Day weekend so they can get this old gray mare started on using such little toys as apps. (Yes, I'm that un "with it".

    I think it would be wonderful to be able to create watercolors out of some of my photos for the house.

    Not that I'm some fancy photographer, but if I take a picture it's generally because it speaks to me. Why not speak in watercolor instead?

    Praying for you in advance of the upcoming separation. I hope Williamsburg is wonderful!

  2. These are fun!

    No, I do not have this app...nor a smart phone on which to download it. I am still in the last technological age. We are slow to update things around here. ;)

    Surely someone has put images like these on a canvas. It sounds like it would be a great gift idea!

  3. You should try to find someone who has a tried it before you invest money in a canvas printing. So far I have really liked the 8 x 11 printings I have done on nice paper of watercolors. I've even framed some of them, but with a canvas you would not need a frame. If you try it let me know how it turns out!

  4. They really DO look like original watercolors, don't they? I like the effect - maybe not so much for blogging as for hanging art?????


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