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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Garden: Mid-August

I headed outside tonight around eight o'clock when Kyle said, "Mom!  Come look outside!  Everything is orange!"

 He was right.  The sun setting reflected on the clouds gave an orange glow to the evening.

I decided to take some photos of the garden here in mid to late August.

First, this metal sign I found for outside the kitchen door may have been prophetic.   We have recently discovered that we have not two roosters, but four!  Can you believe it?  They are starting to get a bit fussy with each other, so three of them need to go.  We may try to sell them.

 It also means less hens.  I was looking forward to having twelve laying hens but it looks as if we will only have ten.  They don't all lay everyday so we will only get about 8 eggs a day.  That seems like a lot until you realize that it's not enough to make scrambled eggs for 6 people or a quintuple batch of pancakes on a Sunday night. I may have to start buying eggs again from the Amish farm that is GMO free on the grains they feed to their chickens.

 This is Obedient Plant or as some call it, Disobedient Plant as it can be invasive.  During the day these flowers are covered with pollinators.  The color in the sky is casting a weird glow in my photos!

 Aren't they lovely close up?  They are an August blooming plant.  Down the driveway toward the front walkway, and the garden looks a bit peaked.  We have had wonderful weather and no drought conditions, it is just the time of year.  The Echinacea has been pollinated and they are now making seed.  I leave them, bedraggled though they are, because the finches love the seed heads!

 See how amazing my hydrangea is on the right?  That is all new growth, so next year the flowers should be amazing.  I have learned my lesson that if Winter is anything like last year, this plant will be wrapped well!

 Do you see that empty spot on the right here in the photo above?  Look at the photo below.

I came home the other day and saw a lot of dirt on my walkway.  I immediately thought the chickens had been in the garden again, but on further investigation it was Rachel's dog, Sadie.  Naughty dog!  She's been laying out here.

We've had a few tomatoes finally ripen, but we've had something eating the tomatoes.  Tim thought it was the chickens but I haven't seen them down there for a while.  Well, it's always something, and we learn something new every year.

How are your gardens growing this August?


  1. What fun light for your evening photos...that orange sky is lovely. Everything looks rather soft and dreamy.

    Oh dear. That is a lot of roosters. Ha! Hope that three find new homes. Yup, you need a larger flock of hens. Enough so you can sell some eggs. =D

  2. We're still getting some tomatoes and peppers, but not in the abundance we had earlier. Our limelight hydrangea is huge!! It looked as if it was not going to bloom at all...and all of a sudden it went crazy! The two other hydrangea bloom.

    It's neat that Kyle called you out to see the beautiful sunset! We missed the sunset tonight...Ron was at an appointment and Kati and I were cleaning out our clothes closets. We were ruthless. We carted out four garbage bags full of clothes for donation.

  3. Turtles will eat your tomatoes as will squirrels and deer. Hard to keep the turtles and squirrels out. Your blog is very peaceful.

  4. The light is so unique, casting a lovely glow on your photos. Something strange is nibbling at our tomatoes, too.

  5. Your garden is beautiful and looks so nice as the sun sets. I hear it's going to be another cold winter. Maybe we need to cover our hydrangeas as they certainly did not bloom this year,

  6. The little fenced in courtyard leading to your front door is just beautiful to me! I tried to get that exact look in our first home, but it never, ever looked that way.

    And yes, the light is really gorgeous on the plants. It's ethereal.


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