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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prayers For My Dad

There was virus running through my parents house while my brother was here.  Monday when my dad and mom both weren't feeling better they went to their GP and he thought my dad had early stage of Pneumonia and started him on a breathing treatment and antibiotic.  My got an antibiotic and is feeling better.  Dad just seemed really weak and this morning my mom texted me to tell me that my dad had fallen in the night and that he hit his head but he seemed okay.  It had bleed some, my dad told her.

I asked if I should come over and see how he was and she said I could come over after taking Rachel to cello.  

Now my dad had been sleeping downstairs in the family room in his recliner because he could breath easier and when he told my mom he was fine, she took him at his word because he is a trained first responder with their local fire company.  

I went downstairs and the first thing I see is that the slate on their fireplace hearth is broken and there was a BIG spot of blood on the rug.  When I cleaned his head (it was still bleeding) there was a lot of clotted blood but what I could see of the cut was deep! 

We got him ready and headed out to the ER.  While there besides dealing with his head they found out that his sodium was really low.  The admitted him into the intermediate ICU until they figure out why his sodium is low.  They want to do a MRI of his brain, but I'm not sure how they will do this with 15 staples in his head!

The doctor wants to get to the root of a chronic cough he has had, in spite of seeing an ENT specialist.  Whatever is going on there could be causing his low sodium.

Tonight I got to see my dad's skull - the doctor let me look at his cut after they cleaned it before putting staples in his head.  It was so interesting, but Wow!  That was my dad's skull!  His gash on his head went all the way to the skull. Crazy!

We see God's hand in it all.  If he hadn't fallen, we would never have known about his low sodium and it could have been very bad.
Thanks for praying for him, and if you are not squeamish you can look below here at the photo of his head AFTER staples.

Poor dad!


  1. Woah! That is quite the gash!! Yikes!

  2. I am so glad you were at least able to find out about his low sodium...but wow! That looks so painful! I pray for a quick recovery!!!

  3. Not his best look! Praying they figure it out and get him better!

  4. Praying right now! My goodness, that's a bad place:( Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  5. Deanna, that is so sobering! How comforting to know that our Father has him in His capable hands! I am praying for your dad...and your mom...and all of you...

  6. Oh my! Your poor father. Glad that he will be okay...don't show him the photo...he could get scared. Praying still...

  7. I'm glad you went over and got him to the ER! I have prayed that they'll figure out the low sodium business!

  8. Wow, he is tough! That is a nasty gash!

    Praying for a quick, complete recovery and thanking God for that "incidental finding" (which always seem like God-things to me!)

  9. Good heavens that looks painful, so glad you went over and checked on your parents, especially your dad.
    Prayers for healing.

  10. God is so good! It could have been much worse. Praying for his complete recovery and wisdom for the doctors.

  11. It's good to see God's hand in such things, isn't it? But a glimpse of his skull? Hmm, you are brave. Even though I'm a nurse, such things with family members is harder for me. :-)


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