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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Autumn: Things Catching My Eye This Morning

I love this time of year (in case I haven't mentioned that a million times or so), the light is so pretty coming through the windows and doors.  These things were catching my eye this morning.

 Love the light illuminating the honey jar.

 Two of our chicks.  They are growing up fast!  

 Feverfew in bloom

 These are a daisy like MUM that normally bloom in September.  Looks like they may make it, but they are late blooming this year.

 Good Neighbors Candles - simply the best!

Irish Breakfast tea in a Polish Pottery mug.

What has caught your eye this morning?


  1. Everything looks ready for Fall!
    I can smell the candle from here!

  2. At your place, it's definitely the honey jar! At mine, it's how dark the house is now with the sun considerably lower. Once the leaves have turned, it will be lovely and bright again. Oh, I also noticed the beautiful rosy hue of your mums...gorgeous.

  3. IT looks like autumn around your house!

  4. Those pink mums caught my eye. I have a very similar pot on my own front porch that I just took a picture of! Here, I'm struck by the chill in the air when I arrived home from school. Time to get the fireplace going!

  5. Oh goodness, that's a lot of pretty Fallness:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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