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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wedding: Flowers

Over the years that I have had my wholesale license, I have gone from having a women's accessories store to being more of an event/party planner.  I love a good party/event!  

When doing the decor and tables for our pastors' wedding in May of 2014 (you can see those photos here), I had ordered hydrangea through a local store and the day before I needed them, I got a call that they would not be able to fill my order!  What?!!  It all worked out for the best as Tim called our sister in law's cousin who owned a florist shop.  He was able to order just what we needed overnight and only charged us his cost!  These were amazing hydrangea and better than the local store could have provided.

So with Nate and Kay's wedding, we were looking to order through this 'cousin in law' and Tim kept meaning to call...well now it's wedding week.  And that would have been okay, as they are able to order quickly, but we have been unable to get a hold of them and a drive past their shop shows that they are closed!

I got online to see if there were any wholesale flower suppliers that I could order from.  I found a supplier in the next county and went today and got everything we need!  God supplied the very flowers Kay has been dreaming of!

There will be a few more flowers than these but I am so thankful and praising God for His provision.


  1. Whew!! You must have been sweating it there for a time! (Of course, since it is in the 90's, you may have been "sweating it" already!)

    Really though...thank the Lord for His provision! So nice that Kay is getting the flowers she wanted!

  2. Sounds too exciting for me! Very glad that it all worked out well. (Tim must be super glad. Ha!) Loved your picture yesterday of the beautiful mums in full bloom. Our weather has been warm and muggy, too. We expect a cooler time of it at week's end so I am praying for a lovely day for a wedding. Happy pulling it all together.

  3. God is always on time, Deanna! the flowers are lovely! It truly has been a busy summer for you, but a great one as well!.

  4. Lovely flowers! It is amazing how everything always works out!

  5. Wonderful provision! God is good!

  6. So glad you were able to find someone to provide the flowers. Those rich callas are gorgeous.

  7. What a blessing to find a place to get such beautiful flowers! The long awaited day is almost here!

  8. Beautiful! Have a gorgeous day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. Every event has to have it's breath holding moment. So glad you were able to get through this with a happy outcome. Enjoy the wedding!!


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