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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hobbit Day

Yesterday was Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthday.  They share the same day, if you didn't know.  It come to be called "Hobbit Day" and this is the second time that Lindsay and Joseph have held a party.  The first was two years ago, before they married and we held it here.  Yesterday it was at their house.

 Joseph's sister Laura, hand painted this sign from a piece of wood that Tim had cut.  Lindsay had it hanging by the entrance to the party.  Those familiar with The Fellowship of the Rings will get the reference.

 Beautiful lights strung in the trees and around the sign.

 She made a buffet table from wooden planks and hay bales.


 She made wonderful homemade breads.

 Including this on plan (Trim Healthy Mama) bread for me and my mom.

 Lots of veggies

 Cheeses.  There were wonderful apples, too, and punch and water in real punch glasses.

 Her everyday flatware

 Tim made a wonderful fire and kept it fed all night

I'm so proud of my girl!  

There was also lots of dancing by torchlight into the night.  It was so much fun and a great way to welcome autumn as well.


  1. How wonderful! If I lived closer I would have wrangled an invitation SOMEhow! Your family really knows how to celebrate :)

  2. Lindsay learned her mama's party skills? :D

  3. How clever! What imagination Lindsay has and she hosted so beautifully. What fun for all who attended.

  4. Deanna...this is just THE cutest idea ever! I know several of us wish we could have been at such a festive fall party! Precious!!!!

  5. What a fun and convivial gathering. Love the idea of a hobbit day party.

  6. What a FUN time!!!
    That bread looks awesome!!

  7. That sounds like a party I would have enjoyed! Fun, fun, fun...AND dancing by torch light, too!

    Grace & Peace.

  8. What a wonderful party! I adore those lights, all of that delicious food AND the fire:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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