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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nurturing Growth

Growing can be painful.  We don't always understand why God allows us to go through trials, but we know they are for our maturing. (James 1:2-4)

 This mini rose was purchased at Terrain back in January.  It had lovely little red roses on it and it was lovely.  I enjoyed it but where I had placed it was not getting direct sun.  The flowers faded, the leaves started to get straggly.
 I did not want this plant to die!  So I moved it around all day and kept it in the sunlight on the days that the sun was shining.  I watered it, transplanted it to a larger pot, nurtured it, and slowly it started to thrive.
 This week has not been filled with trials but its been filled with my people - who need to be nurtured physically and spiritually.  They need me to listen, and that takes time, they need me to prepare food, they need me to be their friend.  I've been busy, and at the end of the day I am both physically and mentally tired! 
 I'm thankful for those who nurture me, too.  Who listen, encourage, laugh, share their lives with me. 

 Do you have people in your lives who help you thrive?


  1. I love the illustrations you use to get us to picture your words, thanks for sharing this with us. We all need to have someone to listen and understand us at times, as well as us giving the same to others. I have very mature Christian daughters who always listens to me and help me through at times when I need it. I may not always like their advise but they are usually right. Praise God for them!

  2. Yes, I have many that I nurture and those that nuture me at times also! I think it is important to have both.

  3. After time spent with good friends who speak into my life I feel so refreshed and renewed.


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