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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Praise You In The Storm

We all go through storms.

Our nation is going through one, a long one, and its yet to be decided whether we weather it well or not.

We have friends who are going through a tough storm right now.  We are praying for them, asking for God to show Himself to them in new ways.

I wanted to share this song because I believe in these words.  He doesn't ask us all to go through the same storms, but He allows storms in each of our lives.  He wants us to walk together, with Him through them.  


  1. We all go through storms in our lives, and God is right there with us! I am thankful for that! Great song:) Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  2. and through the storm, don't miss out - don't waste this time - for God is wanting to grow us and show us His grace, through it all. there's beauty in the pain of life...

  3. God has promised to be with us through all our trials and troubles, in all the 'storms of our life'
    I love this song! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. With God, Anything is possible! I simply, Believe...
    Prayers for your friends as well!

  5. I had a friend just go through a very rough patch this week but she's been given a "new lease" on life. God is faithful in both the good and the bad times. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  6. Thank you for this so inspiring post, my friend !
    Sending blessings on these last days of Lent, I wish you a most Happy Easter ever,
    with much love and thankfulness


  7. I love your new background and photo. Very springy!


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