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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Weekend

What a fun weekend we had and I wasn't a part of any of the planning or organizing!  I just got to hang out and enjoy myself, and I did!

First up on Saturday, Lindsay had an airsoft day here on our property. She planned it over a few months and even had some good friends come down from New York state to play.  I think they played for about 7 hours, broken down into smaller games.  Everyone had a really good time.

 She and Joseph even provided lunch and drinks for everyone. 

 Meanwhile, I experimented with some chalk paint on a few barn stars that I had.  This one had been red, and I painted it French Linen and then topped it with Old White.  This photo is before waxing and distressing. 
 I used the same colors on this star but it had been a rusty star that used to live outside.  I did a much more rustic treatment on it with the same colors but doing a dry brush with the Old White.
 That was a lot of fun.  I was also texting with my niece and showing her that on the day before Spring we were having snow showers!

Sunday evening we went to our sweet friend's Bridal Shower.  We played the game where you use toilet paper to dress up a bride.  Sarah was our 'bride' and Lindsay's brother in law was our 'ring bearer!'  
 Chelsea's (the bride to be) sister in law Emily was the organizer of this shower and she did an amazing job.

 Really cute use of shutters to hang photos of Chelsea on and hearts with verses on them.
 She also made all these cute ball decorations by punching the flowers out of scrap paper, and on some she wrapped them with twine.  Very clever.

Cute favors.
 Chelsea's Mama, Becky, blogs at Hospitality Lane and I am certain there will be a post about this with lots of sweet photos, if you'd like to see more.


  1. What a fun weekend! Good job on the star!

  2. That weather has arrived here and I am none too pleased. Can't even think how pretty it is. I do have chicken soup to make so that will be pleasant. Guess I'd better focus on all the blogs that were dropped from my blog roll and fun things like that. Speaking of fun things, I believe that the mud proves the fun. They should have had a prize for the one who was the muddiest, which might mean that Lindsay would win! Great smiles all around. I like your retouched barn stars.

  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend,Deanna. It's 37 degrees here today and I heard on the news the North Georgia mountains had snow. It's suppose to be Spring!


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