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Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Five

My Five today includes three photos of the same object and two other photos!

1,2,3 - My brother and sister in law serve as missionaries in Africa.  They are based in West Africa but their work takes them to many countries.  Recently they were in Egypt, and have come home for meetings, and family visits.  While in Egypt they bought some Alabaster lamps and they gifted one to us!

It's so beautiful and heavy!

4. I am enjoying this book by Angela Kelly. I find it is very personal and humanizing of Her Majesty without being a 'tell all' book.

5. A glimpse at the set up in our homeschool co-op parents room.  People bring snacks to share with everyone, and I make sure there are coffee, tea, and a cold drink.  My role is one of hostessing the room, and connecting with people.  I love it!

I hope you have a very good weekend!  Its going to be very cold here today, and wintery weather in on the way this weekend.


  1. Blistering cold here as well with another storm of 6 or 7 inches encroaching. If the wind weren’t howling, it might be more bearable. I might, if I build up my gumption, go out and bank the house with snow around the foundation. Helps to insulate and cuts those miserable drafts.

    Your alabaster is beautiful. That’s a special gift. I really didn’t know much about alabaster. Now I know a little more.

    Yes, you would enjoy being the hostess for the group and you’re good at it!

  2. Lovely lamp! I am sure that you love your "job" as hostess and that you are a blessing to the other moms!!

  3. What a beautiful lamp! I have never seen an alabaster lamp, although I do remember those pretty alabaster birds that were popular many, many years ago. I never had one, but I was told that you couldn't put them in water, so they were difficult to clean.

    I'm sure you are the perfect host! Have a wonderful week-end!


  4. Lovely lamp! It is frigid here in Maine! Not looking forward to the next snowstorm on the weekend either. 💖

  5. Your alabaster lamp is so pretty. What a lovely gift. Our snow is melting, but it was beautiful while it was fresh. Hosting is just up your alley.

  6. I love that lamp, what a wonderful gift! It's gonna be cold here too (for the South) this week. Enjoy your day and week ahead. HUGS!


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