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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Tiffany Style Lamps

Tim has always loved the look of Tiffany style lamps, and has wanted to find some with a lot of red in them. Oh, and he didn't want to have the dragon fly motif that is so very popular on many of these style lamps.

Several weeks ago, a friend was over and we were discussing decor and style because we had just purchased our new chairs, and our friend really liked them.

 He said that he really liked the Arts and Crafts movement, and Frank Lloyd Wright's style.  I mentioned that Tim loved Tiffany style lamps, etc, and our friend started looking online.  I looked too, and found this lamp.

 Our friend decided to gift us two of these lamps.  We tried to refuse, but he refused our refusal!

We've all been enjoying their beauty.

I had to keep the curtains closed to try to get some decent photos of the lamps.

Here's a photo with the living room curtains open (faces northwest), but the deck door curtains still closed.

They look wonderful in our living room and it was a very generous gift.

The lamps can be found on Amazon if you search for -

Bieye L10024 Baroque Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp with 17 inches Wide Handmade Lampshade for Bedside Bedroom Living Room, 26-inch Tall (Red)


  1. I like the Tiffany style, and you certainly have two beautiful examples.

  2. Very dramatic! My family has a Victorian hanging lamp that is that shade of red. Wonder where it is these days...

  3. What beautiful lamps and what a wonderful, geneours friend!

  4. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift! Enjoy your evening dear friend. Hugs

  5. Outstanding! And what a lovely gift.

  6. What a lovely gift. I'm a fan of Tiffany lamps and visit the Tiffany exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art often.

  7. What a lovely and generous gift!! Love the color and they look beautiful in your space!


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