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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Let's Chat

Hi friends!

Thank you all for your comments and prayers for my mom!  God abundantly answered.  There is NO cancer.

What was showing on the CAT scan as a tumor was a genetic anomaly called a Ureterocele.  She also has a small, fully functioning second left kidney that has full connection and drainage to the bladder.  This is what is connected to the Ureterocele.  The doctor said that he's never seen one in a person her age, because the smaller kidney usually will have issues earlier in life and they will remove it and the ureter connecting it to the bladder.  With nothing to drain into the Ureterocele it doesn't fill up or show up in the bladder.  For my mom, since she's never had an issue with it, there is no plan to remove anything.  Of course if she started to have issues he would do surgery.

We are praising God for this amazing answer to our prayers, and with no incisions etc, she has no recovery time!

I has such a busy day yesterday.  I took Sarah to work, ran some errands with Kayleigh and the girls, dropped the van off to Sarah at her work, met my parents and went to the surgery center.  

Took my parents home, Tim picked me up and we went home.  We ate some dinner and I headed out the door for a co-op planning meeting.

It was a good meeting, but I was really tired.  Got home around 10:00pm. I slept in this morning, and I'm so glad for the opportunity to do so! 

I'm nearly over my second cold of the season, which rarely happens to me.  I usually do not get sick very much.  Both times I have had an annoying cough, and fatigue.  No fevers though, so I have been very thankful for that.

I stayed home from church on Sunday, and was glad I did.  I needed the rest.  I watched two Alistair Begg sermons online.  He's such a good communicator and encourager.  

Well, I'm going to make some breakfast now, and gratefully eat it!  I've been reminded lately that we have so much to be grateful for and I want to at least mentally acknowledge that daily.  

Have a good day, and again, thank you for your prayers for my mom!


  1. Glory to God! Yes, you may need some more sleep-ins. Busy days catch up with us. Leaving rejoicing! How good The Lord is.

  2. With a busy day like you had, you deserve to sleep in! How wonderful that your mom is out of the woods, tender mercies are my favorite kind of blessing.

  3. So happy to hear this good news! How great is our God!!

  4. Good news!! That is wonderful.

  5. So thankful that prayers were answered!

  6. Prayed for a miracle and so blessed to see a miracle. So happy about your mother's results. Rest up! It took me two full weeks of not running around to get over my cold.

  7. I am rejoicing with you at this good news about your mom!! God gives such good gifts!! Take care . . . sleep in as much as you need. Rest is so restorative. (I know that it's nearly impossible sometimes, because necessities pile up. But when you can . . . )

  8. That woman in the green sweatshirt in front of you looks familiar! It is wonderful having you at co-op each week. I enjoyed talking to you after the meeting on Monday.

    1. That woman in the green sweatshirt is a hero! Full time homeschool mom, working, going to school for nursing. AMAZING!


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