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Monday, September 18, 2023


 This weekend was a beautiful one.

Saturday's weather was gorgeous, and we enjoyed Kamryn's first softball game. This is her first time playing. Kayleigh played as a girl and loved it.

Kam was playing right field in this photo. She got on base every at bat and scored at least twice, and her team won! 

In the afternoon, I changed my bedding out for autumn. Our weather has been nice during the day and chilly at night so the a/c is off and windows are open! Watson enjoyed this spot for the rest of the day.

In the evening we went to visit my dad. He wasn't feeling well. As the visit went on he felt better. Yesterday, they called us and told us they were transferring him to a local hospital. They found a bowel obstruction, that they think will clear on it's own, but if it doesn't they want him in our local hospital where there is a bigger surgical center. Also an associate of the surgeon who did his cancer surgery is attending him. They believe that his colon is irritated and swollen from the chemo. 
He was not on chemo very long before having an allergic reaction and some terrible side affects. He wishes he hadn't taken it. We are praying that God will heal his body of the chemo and allow his irritated colon to relax and calm.

I forgot to say that on Friday Tim and I met with the cabinet maker. That was amazing. This kitchen is going to be so user friendly for me and mom. The drawings only show the cabinets, but we will have a pot filler over the stove, too!

I'm having a farmhouse sink, some open shelving, glass doors on one cabinet, and shaker style cabinet doors. I'm in awe! Now we must pick out flooring and paint colors for the whole addition.

This morning when I took Kyle to work, and got this photo of one of their new colors for sheds! Such a pretty green and I want to brag on the door! Made by Kyle! This shed is a customed ordered shed and looks great!

If you are near Lancaster County and in need of a shed, chicken coop, outdoor seating, play gyms call Wes or Rachel at Black Bear Sheds! These are high quality and made in on site. (chicken coops are made at an Amish farm) Contact info {here}.

It was a rainy night and today is not raining just wet. We are supposed to have the gutter guys here today. This week will be opening up between the old and new kitchens and insulation will be going in, and maybe drywall? It's moving along well.

I guess that is about it for the weekend. I hope yours was a good one. Signs of autumn are everywhere here, and I'm so ready for it!


  1. Praying for your poor dad this morning! Allergic reactions to medications can be scary and cause a chain reaction of health complications. (That is what happened to Ron in 2015.)

    I am ready for autumn too! Your addition plans are moving right along! Kitchen things are exciting!

  2. Love Kyles work!! Pretty!
    Praying for your Dad!! I know he hurts...
    Watson looks so comfortable!
    happy week...

  3. I will pray for your Dad! Bless his heart, it's not easy being in the hospital at any age. I love the Fall bedding, looks comfy too:) The shed is very nice, great workmanship. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Oh your poor Daddy...I am so very sorry to hear he is going through such a difficut health crisis...hoping this will pass and he can be restored to health very soon...your bedroom looks so very, very open and a beautiful kitty napping on the bed....what a lovely the green little storage barn too! I am looking forward to your new kitchen as I'm sure you are most of all..a farmhouse sink? That's going to be fantastic!


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