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Monday, April 15, 2024



This lovely Calathea that I bought in Nashville last month is doing well in my living room. It does need to be repotted, and I think I'll try to get that done this week.

Our weekend was rainy, with periods of sunshine, and pretty windy. The rain finally stopped and Sunday was sunny and in the 70's! We had a young family over for lunch after church, and Wes and Rachel were here, too. We ate then sat outside on the deck enjoying the sunshine and breeze!


I cooked two roasts in the crockpot, overnight. I put them in frozen, and cooked them on high. In the morning we seasoned the meat, and turned it on low. We also cooked 'baked potatoes' in a crockpot. We put them on low and by the time we ate at one o'clock, they were perfectly cooked. We had a salad, and a loaf of Italian bread. Dessert was chocolate chip cookies, with ice cream. Tim made people his treat of peanut butter spread on the cookie topped with ice cream. Yum!

Today, Kyle has a post surgery follow up. Dad has an appointment at the VA later this week. The girls and I have about 6 weeks of school left, and we are all looking forward to our summer break.

How was your weekend?


  1. You do stay busy! I love that you have homeschooled for so many years! Any retirement thoughts? You are amazing!

  2. Your plant is thriving! Your Sunday lunch sounds yummy and I am sure that it was a treat to the young family to be invited! (I always remember your statement: "People love to be invited.") Summer break is coming! As much as I adored homeschooling my kids, summer break was still welcome for a change of pace and for a house re-set.

    Enjoy the lovely weather this week!


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