Book Review: Taken

Dee Henderson is one of my favorite authors, so when I had the chance to review her newest book, I took it!

Dee Henderson captures my attention every time.  Her characters draw you in right away, and Taken is no different.  

Matthew Dane is a former Boston PD officer, now private investigator.  He is at a conference for law enforcement, where a young woman tracks him down, and shows him a newspaper clipping of himself and his daughter, who years before had been kidnapped and then recovered eight years later.  She then shows him another newspaper clipping of a girl who disappeared 11 years before. Shannon Bliss, had come to him, because of his experience with his own daughter and his law enforcement background.  She escaped her captors and wants to go home.

There are issues though of course, one of which is she doesn't know if someone in her family had her kidnapped, and her brother is running for Governor.

Dee Henderson is a fine writer.  Her stories are rich in details and character development.  I find myself thinking about the characters even when I am not reading.  Her last four books have introduced characters that have overlapped in the stories.  Those characters make appearances here that help move the plot along, but I did think that everything in this story got wrapped up too easily. I enjoyed the book, anyway, and will continue to read everything Dee Henderson writes.

My daughters are fans of hers as well, and we recommend her books to all of our friends!

Taken is an interesting story, the characters are full and complete and you want good things for them.  Both lead characters are believers in this story and that is key to how they deal with the challenges and uncertainty of the plot.

***I received a free book to review by Bethany House Publishers, but was not otherwise compensated for my review of this book.***


  1. Suspense is definitely a motivator for me. Sounds interesting!

  2. Sounds like a page-turner! I have never read anything by this author...I'll have to add her books to my ever growing list of possibilities...

  3. I have read some of her books and they do pull you in, which makes it a good book for me.


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