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 Those of you who are longtime readers of my blog know I have no fireplace in my house, but I'd love to have one.

Tim surprised me with this gas ventless fireplace a friend is selling. (He and his wife are retiring and downsizing) 

What do you think?  Is it too big for my space?  I think if we buy it, I will have to paint it!  Tim just shakes his head at me!  

I can picture cozy fires in the autumn and winter, with lots of tea and conversation.

My dream fireplace is a big colonial style or one like Cracker Barrel has with the gas flames but it burns real wood!  I'd love a wood burning fireplace but sometimes you have to settle for an alternative and still be happy!


  1. It looks nice and it would give you that cozy fire in the winter. It's nice you can give it a try before deciding. And I hear you about painting it, but it looks nice that way too ...

  2. It is cozy. But it does look large....can't tell from the pictures if it is taking up too much space. I think it looks nice.

  3. I always loved a fireplace! I have a gas one now but miss the wood burning ones! I love the colonial mantel also!

  4. As one who burned wood in two woodstoves for 14 years, believe me, wood is nasty! This looks perfect for your space. You will be so warm and cozy by the fire. I am not going to mention painting because you didn't ask. Put me on with Tim now please. ; >

  5. From your photos, it looks lovely!! It would add a cozy feel to your room...and a mantle is lots of fun to decorate! About the size...it is hard to read that in photos. My advice would be to live with it for a few days (if you have that option) and go with your gut. If it feels crowded, then it's probably not worth it, but after a few days if it feels at home, then go for it!

  6. Vee is right-wood is very messy plus bugs who have been hibernating in the woodstack wake up when they get into your toasty house. I do love the warmth from our woodstove, though, so I deal.

    As for size, fireplaces are focal points, right? So, bigger might be just what you need. Maybe take down the pictures above it and see how it looks with blank wall over it-it might shrink it down a bit visually.

    And about painting it...I'm with Vee on that, too. I'm currently working on stripping 3 coats of paint off a telephone table and I actually muttered aloud the other day that before anyone paints a piece of furniture, they should have to un-paint one. ;-) Not that you asked, I know...I'll just join Vee and Tim over there in the corner now.

    So, no venting, no wood mess, no bugs, no smoke, ambiance with the push of a button, and a mantel to decorate seasonally. Sounds all good to me!

  7. This looks nice and is what we have - direct vent to the outside so no chimney required. Heat of course is nice but it's the ambience of the flames I like on a nippy autumn day or during winter.

  8. Love it, we had a corner one made for us in our previous home....I sure do miss it! I'd say "go for it", you'll love the convenience (does it come with a remote control?) and the warm, cozy feel. I agree with the others, take down some of the photos on the wall and decorate the mantle. Keep it until you can get your "dream" fireplace.


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