Small Town Friday Night

 Friends treated our whole family to a Lancaster Barnstormers game.  I grew up going to Dodger games in Los Angeles, and the first time we went to the Barnstormers, it was very different.  Don't get me wrong, it's fun, just different.  Lots of interaction with the audience between innings, lots of vendors.  They have a cute mascot Silo, 

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My great nephew CM had a grand time.  He ate his way through the game.  Burger, fries, popcorn, snow cone.  He and his Mommy are so cute.

Sarah brought her book and kept up with the game and her reading!

 Here is the family along with our friends who treated us to the game.  Kyle is eating fries, I believe.

Kyle and CR had fun eating too.  They had blue tongues by the end of the night.  They loved cheering for the Barnstormers.  Our team lost but one guy hit a GRAND SLAM and got our hopes up!  That was exciting!

Friday night games include spectacular fireworks after the game.

What did you do on your Friday night?


  1. We do like that kind of a ball game. We used to drive to small towns to take the kids to them.

  2. Nothing nearly as exciting! Phew! Thank you for explaining what Kyle was eating. LOL!

  3. Fun pictures!! Good times with family!

    Sarah's picture is familiar to me. I had a child who read through everything...parties, field trips, beach outings. Always a book. :)

    Kyle always makes me smile!


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