Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Friendship: A Bit of Tea and Conversation

Monday the five of us popped out for a bit of tea and conversation. Alicia is my nephew's wife.  She is a dear girl, a homeschooling mama, and a friend.

 Is it just me or is Sarah getting entirely too grown up?  I think she should stop it right now!

 I am so blessed by my friendships.  I am thankful to be a part of these young women's lives.

 I wish someone had mentioned my wind blown hair!  Oh, my.  So typical though.  I am happy to have this photo, in spite of my hair!

 My sweet Mama and I went off plan and enjoyed dessert with the girls.  We all chose these...

It was a great time.


  1. What a wonderful thing to be friend and encourager to your daughters and niece(s) and other young women! It looks like a delightful afternoon. And if there was a time to go "off plan," this would be it! :)

    (Your hair looks fine and it's a beautiful picture!)

  2. Nothing quite as sweet and relaxing as sitting around a tea table with good friends. I'm sure those younger moms look to you for wisdom.

  3. A delightful outing for tea and cake, occasional indulgence is quite acceptable. A nice photo of you Deanna, we're always more critical of what we ourselves see. :-)

  4. No, siree, Ma'am. The first thing I thought was this: Is that Sarah? Lovely photo! What fun for all the gals to go out and enjoy tea and dessert and conversation.


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