From The "Don't Blink" Files

We all have those moments where we wonder where the time went.  That just yesterday you had a delightful baby, then a delightful little girl, then boom!  She's 16 and getting her permit to drive.

She's a delight, this girl.  

This is my fourth child to learn to drive.  She's doing very well.  We are taking our time going down backroads, for now.


  1. Isn't that the truth? (the blinking not the blinker).

  2. Time flies right by! She is beautiful! Enjoy your time with her:). Hugs

  3. What a great photo!! And, yes, time does fly by! They are children for such a short time. Life is a vapor...we must make the most of the moments...

  4. OH! My you are so right, when we blink, our children grow so fast, love the photo, so intense and serious! ~smile~
    I love how much you enjoy your children!

  5. It happens so quickly, doesn't it? She's beautiful!!


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