Back To Real Life

I am back in the swing of things around here, after spending the last two weeks on mostly wedding busyness.

It feels good.

Yesterday, I freshened up my autumn house wreath.

I hung it in my living room to take the photo, then hung it by the front door.  It's a large wreath and can be seen well from the road.  After seeing the photo, I think I may change out the bow, using a fall colors plaid.  This burlap style ribbon looks a bit bland.  What do you think?

I also finished a book that Kati gave me.  It takes place in medieval Scotland.  I enjoyed it very much.

I started Book 2 last night, but I am going to have to wait to read it as I have a book to review for Bethany House.  It's called "The Lost Heiress" and it looks very interesting.  I'll be letting you know soon.

Our willow trees along our creek (not the weeping type, sadly) are starting to drop their changing yellow leaves.  This is a sign that even though the weather has been unseasonably hot, autumn is almost here.  We had a preview 2 weeks ago - warm, sunny days, cool nights.  It was great!  It looks like we are back to that now, and we are getting a nice rain along with it.

This weekend several of us are going to an event at the oldest Scots Covenanter Church in North America.  I'm excited to experience it!  I'll be sure to take lots of photos.

I have lots to talk about, some of it is still just swirling around my brain.  Thanks for your friendships, for reading here and commenting.  There are a lot of you who read and never comment. Know that I would enjoy hearing from you!

Have an awesome day!


  1. I am sure that it feels good to be "back to real life." A wedding is a huge milestone event...but we can't live with that kind of excitement on a regular basis!

    Your wreath is lovely! I love the bow! It is simple and allows the colors of the flowers to shine. I think that a plaid bow would look nice too; it would just give it a different feel.

    I am excited about fall too, especially after these past few days of oppressive heat and humidity!

  2. Our walnut tree has lost most of its leaves already.....I watched them blowing off in a breeze a couple of days ago. Oddly, very few walnuts formed this year. My husband reminds me of its every-other-year pattern.

    We had a beautiful day yesterday I spent a large portion of it with Mother. Wheeled her all around outdoors.

    Seeing your beautiful autumn wreath reminds me that last year I thinned out my fall decorations. (I kind of forgot where I stored them, so I'm not sure I have found all I have left.) It appears I kept primarily the "turkey" ones!

    Your visit to the Scots Covenantar Church sounds interesting. I'll look forward to the photos!


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