Happy Weekend

Just popping in to say Hi and I hope you have a lovely weekend.  The weather is delightful today, and while I was doing some reading out on our deck, I saw this beauty visiting my butterfly bush.

I am working on an autumn wreath for a friend and then I'll be taking the kids to our local fresh produce stand called "Blue Bell" to get pumpkins, mums, and the best apple cider!

This evening we are headed to Lindsay and Joseph's for a Dr. Who viewing party!  Any other Whovians out there?  The lot we hang out with are quite opinionated!  It'll be fun to watch with them tonight!

Tomorrow we have communion and a fellowship meal, then some dancing.  Our friends, the Coyle family, are missionaries to Ireland and will be leaving soon.  This is the last chance for them to get some dancing in.

I hope you weekend is as lovely as ours is shaping up to be.


  1. Was married to a whovian once. Know none now except you folks!

  2. Beautiful butterfly video:) Have a blessed day, dancing is good exercise! HUGS!


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