Wedding: Family Photos

There are more photos to come, but for now Lindsay has given me a few to use, and I've borrowed a few from my nieces, who took photos with their phones.

First, these taken by Lindsay.

 I love this photo!

This is our extended family that were able to make the wedding.  From the left Emma, Sarah, Vinnie, Shelly, Tim, Kyle, Me, Rachel, Kayleigh, Nate, Joseph, Lindsay, Kamryn, Grammy, my dad Bob, my mom Phyllis, Anna, Tom, Tim's sister Virginia, Sara Ann, Carrie, Tim's sister Esther.  Tom and Virginia drove from Missouri, and Tim's sister Esther and their mom flew in from Florida.  Emma and Vinnie came in from Greenville and Nashville.

These photos were borrowed from the girls' Facebook pages

These are special photos of our nieces, Tim's brother Dan's daughters, and Grammy (Tim's mom) and their aunties (Dan and Tim's sisters).  For missionary families these are extra special as families are often separated for years.  Grammy is almost 94.  She's a special lady and we are grateful to still have her with us.


In these photos Kayleigh has her four inch heels on.  Normally she and Shelly are close in height.

More to come.  Hope you're not bored yet!


  1. Love the photos! Looking forward to seeing more! A very nice looking family!

  2. Nope, not bored at all!! I love to see pictures of sweet family times! That's a great shot of the extended family!

  3. Very nice, one of the occasions when family gets together!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Looks like it was a wonderful time! Love you all and miss you so much.


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