Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Fellowship

Today our church fellowship observes communion.  On those Sundays we also have a fellowship meal.

These are often a struggle for me to know what to bring, as most things are brought in a crockpot.

Yesterday, I had the inspired idea to make use of the abundant egg supply we have an make quiche.  I grated a bit of Mozzerella, sprinkled in a pinch or two of parsley, and some thinly diced red onion.

I am also taking brownies made from scratch.  




  1. Looks delish! Do you ever share your recipes? :-D

  2. I do believe I can smell those brownies from here!!!

  3. A great idea to bring the quiches. They look beautiful.

  4. We had a fellowship meal on Sunday too! I just requested a recipe book from our library on potluck ideas. Will let you know if I find any good ones. We had cooked a turkey on Saturday, so we took turkey Tetrazini.

  5. Do you really have to post so many pix of delicious food on your blog??? :)


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