A Story Of A Highland Feud And Our Part In Bringing Peace To The Clans

If you know any Scottish history you know the story of the Massacre at Glencoe.  If you don't you can read about it here and here.  It was horrific and "under Scots law there was a special category of murder, known as "murder under trust", which was considered to be even more heinous than ordinary murder."

I've mentioned before that my heritage is Scottish, and that as McElraths we are part of the MacIlwraiths, who are a sept clan to the MacDonalds.  Our clan originated on the Isle of Skye and were clan bards to MacDonald of Sleat for many generations.

Tim has Scottish heritage as well, through his mother, who is a Campbell on her mother's side.

This makes for many interesting conversations with folks at Scottish festivals, and celtic stores.  A man working at the Scotland House store in Williamsburg, Virginia said "Your not married?  To each other!?"  

We like to say that we are bringing healing and peace to the clans.

Yesterday, when Rachel and I were out, I found this tea cup and bought it right away.

It's lovely.

Now I must find a MacDonald tea cup as well!


  1. Always enjoy a bit of History and heritage.
    What a perfect find!

  2. What an amazing find. I love when God does that.

  3. Very cool! And we used to live in a town named Glencoe.

  4. That is a very nice tea cup and especially meaningful for your family. I see that the conversation continued yesterday.

  5. What a neat post. Lovely find. How neat is that.

    1. How awesome your daughter found a cup for the other name on etsy.

  6. Very cool! Such a pretty teacup! My daughter-in-law is of the McDonald clan.

  7. My mother is from Scotland and is from the McGregor clan. My father's ancestors were Campbells. Another interesting combination :-)

  8. When I was a teenager, my father was transferred to England for two years. One summer we went on a tour of Scotland and were told the story of the feud between the McGregors and the Campbells. My maiden name was Craig which derived from the McGregors. So fast forward 6 years later and I met my husband to be, a Campbell, and I told him we were arch enemies!

  9. Deanna, I love your story! Bringing peace to the clans. That cup and saucer was quite a find!

  10. What a sweet story. You were meant to bring the Campbell teacup home with you.

  11. Perfect! Loved the story and your wonderful reply. The teacup is wonderful!

  12. Nice story and history lesson. I like your Campbell tea cup. I hope you find a MacDonald one.

  13. I have Campbells and MacDonalds in my line, and some collateral lines were at Glencoe. I found this out after I had composed a musical piece about the massacre and it made sense to me why I felt so connected while writing it. I'll share the link to it here. Love the tea cup and thanks for the neat story!


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