Thursday, January 19, 2017

Home Education: What Sarah Is Studying In The Ninth Grade

I've said this before, but for those who might be newer to my blog, I've been homeschooling my kids for 22 years!

I have four graduates and two still schooling and I help teach my granddaughter, too.

I really love teaching my kids, and while the days can be challenging at times, I love being a part of their learning.

As my kids get older, they do more independent work than when they are younger.  I thought that I would share what Sarah is doing now that she is in high school.

For math she is learning pre-algebra.  For a girl who does not like math, generally, she is okay with algebra.  Go figure.

For English she is actually doing many interesting things and will end up with 2 credits this year.  (English is more her thing than math!)  First she is reading a literature anthology on British Literature.  She is studying all the best writers and poets Britain has produced over the years.

She is also doing a free online course from Hillsdale College on C.S. Lewis.  She is enjoying this very much as she already was a fan of the Narnia books.  We signed her up for the course and then you download it to your computer.  There are 10 lectures (on video) and quizzes.  She loves this course.  She is also reading his space trilogy currently.

Being a J.R.R Tolkien fan, she is signed up for a book class at our co-op on The Hobbit.  This class starts tomorrow.  She has a study guide and assignments that require her to write and express herself which is right up her alley!

For science this year, she is studying Anatomy and Physiology with Kyle and me.  

For history we are study the Medieval period,  I mostly read and we discuss.  We are currently reading The Boy Knight by G.A. Henty.  It is about the crusades and is very interesting.  I love when I get to the end of a chapter and they want more!

From our reading today.

For Sarah's humanities studies, she is taking voice lessons, singing in an ensemble at our co-op (starts again tomorrow), and is taking a 10 week English Country Dancing class, again at co-op.  She also sings with our worship team at church, and has practices every week.

In the fall she had a crafts class and a cooking class, and an elections class at our co-op where they broke into parties and had a mock election.  

Sarah also daily reads her Bible and we often read together as a family.  

She loves the outdoors, and to play ultimate frisbee.

A big positive to us in regards to home education is that we can teach the subjects that the state requires but we have the freedom to gear them to her interests and gifts!

Have any questions?  Feel free to ask in the comments!


  1. What a well rounded education. I would love to do the English she is doing for myself. Smiles.

  2. Sounds like a full and well rounded schedule for you all! I enjoyed reading of all the things Sarah is doing. Sounds as if she is enjoying her studies as well!

  3. I enjoy your blog. We are looking to join a co-op in the Fall. Would you share info. on the one you are part of?

  4. I was going to comment exactly what you said at the end. With homeschooling you can be more expedient in the core work and then have time for enriching activities. It's all part of education, which comes in many forms!

  5. Sarah's school year sounds great! Lots of interesting things going on for her.

    As I've told you before, I finished my homeschooling days in 2010, when my final student graduated from high school. I really loved those days. While they did have their challenges, as you said, it really is a blessing to be able to take part in their education.

    My son was interested in learning to make guitars and ukuleles while in high school, so we incorporated that into his schooling. He ended up starting a small business and building and selling instruments through an Etsy store.



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