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As a home educator, I've been a reader of Sally Clarkson's books, and a have long felt that she was a kindred spirit.  Sally and Clay started out as missionaries and then through life experiences moved into ministry to homeschooling moms, and now are ministering to all women.

When I was a young homeschool mom, I read "Educating The Wholehearted Child," "The Mission of Motherhood," "Seasons of a Mother's Heart,"and other books.  These all spoke to the heart I had as a mother and I found someone, though I never had met her, who was like me in many ways.  It was wonderful to feel that I was not alone in what I felt God was laying on my own heart.

Now I listen to her podcast and enjoy her blog, and being in touch on Facebook.  When there was an opportunity to help launch her newest book, I volunteered right away.

Written with her son Nathan, Sally is telling the story of her "out of the box" son and how they dealt with all the challenges that come with raising a child who is 'Different."

I've been given a small portion of the book to read and I can tell you that if you have a child or a grandchild who is 'Different' in how they relate to the world, this book will be such a blessing to you.

It is not a clinical book, but a book written from the heart of the 'out of the box' child and the mom who loved him.  In fact that is the subtitle of the book - "Different - The Story of an Outside the Box kid and the Mom Who Loved Him."

They tell their story in this book.

I know you'll be encouraged by this book.  For any of us who've raised/are raising 'different' children, we know the pressure for us to get our kids to 'conform' to what is perceived as 'normal' behaviors.  We've been told we just need to do_____________and our child will be 'normal.'  We long to be able to go somewhere and not have our child melt down.

This book helps us to see that our child was made by God, just the way they were meant to be, and that God wants to use them in this world for His glory.  Each person in this world has value, and their lives can be a blessing to others - just the way they are.

You can find the book here -

You can find Sally's podcast on iTunes.  It's called 'At Home With Sally.'  You can find her books on Amazon.  I highly recommend all of her books.

If you've felt alone in raising your 'Different' child, if you've been told your child (or you yourself) is "too much," if you are struggling to understand your child, this book will inspire you, and encourage you to see your child from a new perspective.

It's available now for pre-order and releases on January 24th.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories of the 'outside the box' people in your life, here in the comments.  We all know and love them!


  1. Goodness, I may be an outside the box person myself...have often wondered. Ha! Oh, yes, we have quite a few who are deliciously different and we thank God for them because if we all were "normal" where would the light come from? (This from a quote of Mark Lowry's: Broken people are how the light shines through." Or something like that.) Speaking of unique...have you visited my post today? 😉

  2. Good information, Deanna, thanks. I find it interesting that they now have book trailers! They are effective though.


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