Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rainy Days And Tea

We've had a few rainy days here, the kind that make you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.

 We spent our anniversary out and about yesterday, just the two of us.  Breakfast at our favorite place, a rare book store in Kennett Square, Afternoon Tea at Special Teas in Chadds Ford.  A few antique shops, lots of conversation, and a steak dinner.  

 The food was delicious at Special Teas and it is such a pretty tea room.  They also have a nice gift shop.

Today, I am taking the tree down.  This tree drank water for weeks, but stopped this past week and it is dry.  It's time, sadly.

The girls have asked for us to keep lights up though so I am going to leave some garlands hanging for a while.  Since the garlands are all artificial its doable.

 I had the teapot ornament already but found the two cup ornaments at a local shop.  One matches the tea pot perfectly!

Its still raining here so I brewed a cup of Darjeeling and feel fortified to get the rest of the days work accomplished.
As much as I love decorating for Christmas, I love the way the house looks clean and fresh when the Christmas decor is put away.  

What about you?  Is Christmas put away for the year or do you leave it out through Epiphany?  Longer?

Thank you for all your kind best wishes yesterday!


  1. The larger "stuff" is gone....bits and pieces remain - those that are not quite as distinctly Christmasy..

    Your anniversary day sounds like a special one. Congratulations, by the way. Gary and I got away from the house for a few hours ourselves. Spent them poring over magazines at Barnes & Noble. It was a pleasure.

  2. It was a rainy few days around my neck of the woods too...still is as a matter of fact. I took everything down but my tree on Saturday but left the tree up until yesterday. We spent our Christmas in TN at our son's so didn't get to enjoy ours as much as usual. It is nice to get the house back in order...just long enough for utter chaos in a few weeks when we say goodbye to our 40 year old carpet! 'Bout time, wouldn't you say? Can't wait for the new wood floors! LOVE the teapot/cups ornaments! Happy New Year, Deanna!

  3. Mine is all down and put away. I too noticed how I liked how clean and neat everything looked afterwards but do miss the lights from the tree shining.

  4. I have waited until Jan. 6 many years but will be taking our faux tree off the table tomorrow where it will sit in a corner waiting for shiny red hearts to be hung on it. It was new for last Christmas and I just kept it in the living room and decorated for the other holidays/seasons. Sometimes we still need some twinkle lights through our long dreary winter.
    We've had rain for a couple of days but head back to snow flurries toward the end of the week.

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! What a cute bride and groom! And it sounds like you had a wonderful full day together. Raining here lots too, makes for cozy indoors. Christmas is down and like you, I enjoy the clean look.

  6. It's been raining here all day, which is unusual for this time of year. The temps will drop through the day tomorrow, but no snow. Sure hope we get some - even though I dislike it - since we still need to bring up the water table after last year's lack of precipitation. As for our Christmas decorations, they will likely stay up until the end of the month. I work too hard setting everything up to take it down a few weeks later. My snowman collection stays up until spring.

  7. Epiphany... I never think my home looks very good once Christmas is packed away, which will happen on Saturday. Until then, I'm soaking it up. And, I love that you will continue to have sparkling lights and evergreen garlands. No reason why we should not decorate for winter, after all. I decorate for every other season.

  8. I usually always put Christmas up the week after due to our homeschool break and it is easier on me to get it done before we start. I did take down the trees, lights outside, and major Christmas d├ęcor. But like your girls I wanted to leave some of my lights up inside. I left my garland on my mantle up and few light mini trees (they honestly could go year round) up and I will take them down when I decorate in February for Valentines. What a delightful tea room!!

  9. Your anniversary celebration sounds just right. It's fun to get away, but it's also fun to spend a low-key day together doing things you both enjoy. (That's what we did on our last anniversary.)

    We un-decorated yesterday. I can't say that my house feels clean and fresh yet, because I don't know where to put anything or how to decorate the bare spaces. Hopefully, inspiration will hit soon!

  10. The tree went down over the weekend; it was so dry and dropping all kinds of needles. But the remainder is up and will come down this next weekend. Twinkly lights and greenery are nice to have through the darker days of January and early February. Anything to brighten things up!

  11. Our main tree came down on Tuesday. I always leave it up for New Years. Somehow it's worth it to keep it up a little longer because it takes so much time to decorate in the first place. I have pretty much everything put away although we are leaving our little table top tree up until at least Valentines Day and the mantel is still decorated. The lights just add a little glow during these dark weeks of January and February. Your tea ornaments are so cute and your blue transferware is lovely! Thank you for your visit and Happy New Year, Deanna!

    Winter blessings,

  12. Dear Deanna:
    So many pretty photos and leaving the lights up is fun too! These are the inside months so that sounds great to make for a happier environment. All your photos are so cheerful. Thanks for sharing and linking so many pretty things! Loved the teapot.

  13. Deanna, Today the tree comes down. I do have a green garland with lights that stays up all year over the bookcases. I love the sparkle. Love you blue tea cup and tea ornaments. Happy 2017. Sylvia D.

  14. Deanna, I love a rainy day more than any other kind! And I shall have one tomorrow if the forecasters are correct. I'd love to join you for a cup of Darjeeling, one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your tea things with us.


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