Saturday, August 26, 2017

Late Summer/Early Fall

The late summer/early fall weather is so delightful.  Mild days, cool nights.  Bliss!

I'm letting my Limelight hydrangea dry naturally and they are so beautiful.

The kids and I (mainly the kids) did a lot of weeding the last two days.  I cut back many of the spent plants and we found this little, perfect blue hydrangea.  I put it on the back of the sink where I can see it all day.

While I am delighted that autumn is nearly here, and the signs of the changing seasons are everywhere, I am happy that it is still peach season!
If you've never eaten a freestone peach, I feel sad for you!  These are Flaming Fury peaches.  The taste is amazing!

I'll be cutting these peaches today for eating.  Between us and our friends, this half peck box full will be gone in no time!  

We are enjoying hanging out with our friends.  We've known them for 28 years this month.  They are in reality, family to us.  They'll be here until Wednesday.  

I hope you have a delightful weekend, friends!


  1. our dwarf peach tree yielded 15 pieces of fruit this year.. 3 remain and will be enjoyed today.. chilled and delish during our 100+ degree heat. :)

  2. The hydrangea is such a beautiful shade of blue. It sounds like your weather is delightful. It's even a tad cooler here. Enjoy your friends.

    1. Its the blue-est bloom I've had on this bush in several years! I love it!

  3. Love hydrangeas, but have such a hard time getting them to bloom, my bushes are huge, but not one bloom! if you have any tips please share.
    I am so looking forward to cooler days and nights! I also love peaches, and started to buy some today to can but remembered I have so many irons in the fire right now! Smile~
    Enjoy your company.

    1. I don't "do" anything that I know of Sue. Perhaps you have the kind that grow on old growth, and maybe you are cutting the bushes back every year? If so, then they will grow nice and green but not flower.

  4. I'm hoping to toss the deck flowers into a wheelbarrow and send them to the forest this week (good forest compost). Everything but the rosemary is done for the year. I'll move it indoors but it tends to not live long once the furnace has been turned on. It's lovely while it lasts.


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