Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Five

I'm posting photos this week of things that have brought me joy.

1. Sunrise on Wednesday - 

2. A curious hen - 

3. I found this classic children's book at Community Aid the other day.  In perfect condition for .49 cents!  I can't believe that even though we've read this book before, we've never owned it!

4. I also found this hardback copy of Blueberries For Sal! We had a paperback version that fell a part years ago, so I was thrilled to find this book in hardback form.  $1.00 at the same thrift store.  This book and One Morning In Maine are delightful books!

5.  I was thrilled to find this silverplated tea pot at the thrift store also.  It was marked $5.99 and was 50% off!  I'll polish it on Saturday, but even if it doesn't get fully cleaned, it is a treasure!

I'm diffusing a 'thieves' blend here as Sarah and Kyle have developed colds.  It smells good in the house and is doing some good for the kids, too.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Boo hiss on the colds! Is Mother making some chicken noodle soup?

    Good finds all! Please show what the polished silver looks like.

  2. I hauled a bunch of silver tea pots and serving pieces out of the storage building this week. Will polish them up when I get time but I’m going to go ahead and place them where I want them. I finally have ALL my decorations organized in one storage building! Bottom floor is divided between fall and Christmas and other seasons are in the attic of the same building. It’s making changing out the seasonal decorations so much easier!

  3. Another friend of mine wrote in an email yesterday that she's using a thieves blend! I love getting lovely items cheap at thrift stores. Most of my silver has shined up nicely but there is one that remains mostly tarnished. It has its' own beauty and at the moment is the star of the sideboard. I saw a photo online of such a teapot that had silk red roses displayed. I've been pondering that idea... It all looks lovely!

  4. Great "five" today . . . or was that yesterday already? (I am always running behind these days.) Sorry that the colds have found your place. They found Bekah too, but no one else, thankfully. LOVE your book finds!!


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