Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Thinking Ahead To Warmer Weather

We're supposed to get snow today, but so far nothing is happening.  I'd be okay with nothing.  After the rainy/snowy/cold year we've had (since last spring) I'm ready for some sunshine and warm air!

These photos are all on my Pinterest board Outdoor Living.

Shabby Chic


Make benches more comfy...body and regular pillows

Secret Gardens

Bold Colors - An Entertainer's Garden - Southernliving. Johnson says to add color when there are no flowers by painting garden furniture and accent pieces. Before Johnson's daughter, Amanda, got married in the garden, she picked out this shocking pink color for the table and chairs.

lovely red garden


images of english country decor | beautiful english style garden, no sun,not fun, to much shade, it will all fade

Dreamy spot

Last year, I made a sweet space in my garden to sit, but it was such  a rainy year that that hardly happened.  I'm hoping that it will this year.  Mind you, I don't enjoy humid weather, so upper 70's low 80's and sunshine would be delightful.  It may not happen that way, but we can dream about it, right?

Our friends headed off on the next leg of their trip.  It was a blessing to have them here.  Its so special to have friends that KNOW you and love and care for you, anyway.  


  1. Snow is expected here tomorrow. I have already called in the plow man even for an inch or two. I have handled the past few storms on my own and I am beat and I need him to get it righted around again for me.

    So I am pleased to look at the pretty photos and to dream of better weather days to come. I’m off to visit your folder, too.

  2. I love the first photo best of all! And I love that rose fabric! I buy anything I can find of that pattern!

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos, I am already dreaming of sunshiny, warm days!
    So happy you had a nice visit with your friends. Enjoy your day.

  4. We can dream, can't we?! The snow we had today (although it is gone already . . . replaced by rain) and your lovely photos are making me dream of spring!!

  5. Deanna, those are such beautiful photos to contemplate right now. They have me longing for spring. On the first warm day, I'm going to have tea in the gazebo.

  6. Lovely summery photos! It almost makes me long for spring, but I'm content to wait!


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