Thursday, February 7, 2019


Sarah is now a licensed driver!  She took her driving test yesterday, and did great!  Last evening she drove off to meet friends for dinner and coffee.  That's the first Milestone.

The second Milestone is that this summer marks my parents 60th wedding anniversary.  My sister in law and I are working on logistics for all the out of state family members - who will stay where, etc.  Its going to be a special time.  This spring my dad will also turn 80 years old.  He and Mom married at ages 20 and 17. 

This photo is from 7 years ago when they were headed to California for a family visit!

We are thinking of a big family picnic, and I am also thinking of a drop in party for their friends.  We did that for their 50th and it was fun for them.

The third Milestone is a family reunion with Tim's family in the spring.  Having family members serving as missionaries in different places in the world, having family live in different states, including Alaska, makes for challenges.  

The reality is that as the kids in a family grow, marry, and have their own families, it becomes harder to get everyone together.  It used to be that we had to juggle five schedules.  Now, it's 16 schedules.  We just have to figure what works for most people.

These photos are from five years ago when we got together in Florida with Tim's family.  The ladies who were there went out to lunch together.

I'm sure it will all work out.  The goal is to celebrate, and in all these celebrations to remember to give thanks to God who has blessed and sustained us all through the years and will continue to into the future.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Life celebrations! 60 years of marriage is worth celebrating! What a blessing.....and how wonderful to have such a large family.

  2. so very much for which to be thankful.. ♥
    it'll all work out wonderfully.

  3. Have fun with all the logistics. That’s something The Lord did not gift me with, though I am quite certain that an active mom of six has lots of giftings in that area! You could probably run a Fortune 500 Company. 😃


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