Monday, February 11, 2019

Garden Dreaming

English Garden

Its snowing outside today, and that makes it the perfect garden dreaming day.  I love my gardens - the front English Cottage garden, and the other little garden beds around the house.  

I love neat boarders and wild, crazy beds full of beauty.  I like being inspired by gardens that I would never be able to replicate but am able to take small ideas from it and make them work for my garden.

I'm wanting to do more this year, and to get more intentional with what I have planted in my garden beds.  Even, perhaps but don't tell Tim, dig a few more beds?  See, back when I had 6 kids here and lots going on, I didn't have time for lots of garden beds.  But now, I have time, and I have Kyle, and Lindsay who likes to garden and grow things, too.

So I'm dreaming of the possibilities, and of flowers that I love to grow!

Pink climbing roses cascading over a white picket fence. This is so elegant and happy and charming!!

Nice use of the Rudbeckia against a fence.

Red climbing rose atop a white picket fence.  Classic!

Hydrangea Hill Cottage: Blue Hydrangea Gardens

limelight hydrangea...

I like the slightly wild and overgrown look with just enough structure #enough #overgrown #slightly #structure


I have this very same hanging candle holder and never thought to use it in this way!  I'm going to this year!

Beautiful pink Dogwood

Part of my long term garden plans include adding some spring flowering trees like Dogwood and Crabapple, and some more flowering shrubs.

Think I'd like a forsythia in the front yard. Between my house and the one to the north. OR, put in the backyard as a border between yard and the alley.

I have time for roses now too, especially the love David Austin Roses.  Old fashioned, delightful roses!

Darcey Bussell David Austin rose

'Queen of Sweden’ | Shrub. English Rose Collection. Austin 2004| @ Oliver

If you've been reading here for any time at all, you know my love of peonies!  This white one is beautiful.

DUCHESSE DE NEMOURS, 1851 Its rich fragrance and exquisite beauty have made this French icon a favorite for over 150 years. Opening as “creamy chalices” (Harding, 1917) with a golden glow inside, its abundant flowers develop into perfect white cumulus clouds. RHS AGM winner, strong stems, 3-5 eye roots, 34-38” mid-season, zones 3-7b Old House Gardens Heirloom Bulbs

Peony Karl Rosenfield - Late Spring - Tall 36-40" (Plant 30" apart.)

I could go on and on but I won't, for today anyway.  I will say I've been enjoying episodes of Gardener's World on Y*uT*be.  England's climate, I've read, corresponds pretty well to zones 6-9 here in the US.  So if you live in those zones, you likely can grow most of the same plants they can grow in England.  Of course, being in zone 7 here doesn't mean I can grow the same plants in my garden as someone in zone 9.  Some plants I'd need to keep in pots and bring them indoors in the late fall/winter like my aloe.  I suppose the same is true for gardeners in the UK as well.  That the climate (temperatures, etc) where they are at in the UK might mean they can't grow some things that I can here.  But we can be inspired by each others' gardens, right? Right!

I'm off to accomplish some household tasks now, but later I'll be sitting down to some knitting and a few Gardener's World episodes.

Do you have garden shows you like to watch?  Let me know!  I love finding new shows to watch and be inspired by!


  1. I enjoy watching the man on Netflix who started out as a jeweler and wound up as a gardener. What’s his name?! I’ll be back. Monty Don! I like his programs, especially the ones for small gardens. When I was a decade or two younger, I started planting a larger garden. (It could never be too large here as I don’t have the space for it on my postage stamp lot.) It worked well for a time, but now that I am older, I wish that I had left well enough alone for it has become too much for me. You, though, will always have some garden helpers!

  2. Me too, me too:) I want to plant some new things when it gets time and enjoy digging in the dirt:) Have a beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. All of those photos are inspiring . . . but the blue hydrangeas stopped me in my tracks! Beautiful!!

    Now that we've been in our house nearly three years, there are some things we'd like to do in the yard. Of course, we're going to be very busy this spring with all-things-wedding, so we'll see how that goes. Yard work may have to wait.

    Can't wait to see the ideas that you implement in your gardens!!

  4. Oh, what perfect timing! It's gray outside and I needed a colorful pick me up. Now you have me dreaming, too...

  5. Your photos are very inspiring, I have been working on getting my green house ready for planting my seeds.
    A David Austin rose has been on my wish list for years!
    Thanks for the beautiful tour.

  6. I really enjoyed all of the inspiration photos! I have been dreaming of gardening . I can't wait to see what you choose!


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