Tea On Tuesday

Yesterday I had tea with my friend Jennifer at A Tea Affair in Lititz. (pronounced lit-its)  It's a pretty tea room with a very nice shop that sells a huge selection of loose leaf tea and all the lovely tea items you might need or want!  I didn't realize there is basically a french press for tea, and now I want one! 

Here are a few photos from our tea time - 

 My cup - the tea cups were lovely and vintage, but the individual tea pots were modern red with a white lid or white with a red lid.  They had many lovely tea pots around the room, and so these little tea pots surprised me.  I had a specialty tea oolong with orange and it was delicious, and Jen chose chai.

There were a few ladies at a table by the entrance, and so they very nicely sat us at the other end of the room.  This is my view of most of the room.  (I didn't want to capture the other ladies) 

 Jen had made reservations for us to have their luncheon tea, and I had a quiche with a salad, a small scone and a few small sweet treats.  
Jennifer had the gluten free options  - so soup instead of quiche, and a gluten free scone, and sweet treats.

The food was very good, but our time together was even nicer.

I've told you that "I'm choosing this year to be mindful of relationships, to work to build connection, and to encourage."  It was special to me to have my friend reach out and pursue time with me, as my other Jennifer friend did with me last week.  

We popped into our friend Becky's store while we were in town, and got to see her mom who was in the store yesterday.  When Jen and I left I went to the Clay bookstore and had a quick look around, but didn't find any books I wanted to buy. {sniff}

It was a lovely afternoon out with my friend.  We've been friends for 14 years now.  We met when we responded to an add for riding lessons.  I was expecting Kyle at the time, and our families just hit it off.  For five or six years they lived in upstate New York, but we're glad their back, even though they are nearly an hour away from where we live.

We got caught up on what all our kids are doing, we talked about the church they've found near to their home, and shared our lives together.  Such a sweet time, and I'm grateful for this sister that the Lord gave me.


  1. What a sweet post! Sweet times, sweet treats, sweet friendship! I am also feeling the pull to cultivate friendships at this season of my life. There are two books on this very topic that I want to read . . . maybe I'll get those ordered today!

  2. A lovely afternoon altogether... Well, except for not finding Becky tending the store and not finding any books at the store. I am sure that time spent with Jennifer was wonderful. A delicious lunch and delicious conversation are two of my favorite things.

  3. Good food, good friends, good fellowship......it was a perfect tea!

  4. Steve and I went to Lititz on an anniversary adventure and the tea room was closed that day. I am glad to hear your review of it ! Friends are such a blessing!


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