Monday, Monday

Friends, you know its been cold when you walk out of church and the weather feels balmy but its only in the 30's!  True story.

Today we have sunshine, and the temperature is going to be in the low 50's, and tomorrow we are expecting upper 50's!  Its a gift, and we are all enjoying it!  We know it won't last but its a reminder that it won't always be winter.

Snapchat filters are fun!

Last evening Sarah went to a Super Bowl party with the young adults at church.  The first game she has ever bothered to watch.  She was not impressed but she enjoyed the socializing!  I dropped her off and caught this sunset

So much beauty in a winter sky.

I'm enjoying two small bunches of flowers, from Aldi, that I put together.  It's food for my soul, especially in February!

I'm meeting a friend for tea today.  I know it seems as if all I do is go to tea, but that's not exactly true!  We were going to meet last week, and then she got sick, so we rescheduled.  That would have made two tea times LAST week!  {grin}

I will be going to tea again in a few weeks when my dear Jane is here visiting.  Its become a favorite thing to do and we are planning to treat another friend for her birthday!  Its a special time to connect with friends.

I've already been productive, my bed is made, I've taken Sarah to work, went through the car wash, went to the bank and the post office.  Now I'm home supervising Kyle's schoolwork and preparing to go out for tea. 

I'm choosing this year to be mindful of relationships, to work to build connection, and to encourage.

That is the goal of my blog, too, Hospitality, Friendship, Encouragement!

Happy Monday!


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about your tea today. I’m making a place for all my tea pots and things where they will be easier to get to.
    Beautiful sunset! I love the yellow ones best.
    Glad there’s no chance of you getting stranded on frozen roads today!

  2. You really have been busy today. I, having watched the game last night, woke late this morning and have been a slug ever since. I do need to take my car to the car wash, too, but there will be messy weather soon so I wonder what's the point.

  3. I totally get the balmy 30s! After last week's deep freeze this weekend certainly felt like spring. I was out feeding the chickens without a coat and it was only in the upper 20s! I love hearing about your tea times! They look so fun!

  4. You do such a good job with making the relational pieces work.I am blessed by your priorities. Dawn E. Brown


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