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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Do You Show Honor and Respect To Your Husband?

Kelly at The Barefoot Mama, has a great post about her husband and what she does to "care" for him. This got me to thinking.

One thing that I have learned is that my husband's main needs are for respect and honor. In order to show him that I respect him and honor him, I have learned to be a student of my husband.

What I mean by that is that over the years I have learned about him, what his favorite drink is, what kinds of foods he likes to eat, things that I can do to help lighten his "load". Knowing these things allow me to do things for him that SHOW him, my love and respect.

For instance, my husband likes to drink coffee with sweetened condenced milk in it. So I make sure that I always have sweetened condenced milk in the pantry. I also know that Tim doesn't like me to spend alot of money on it, so when I go to Sharp Shopper and they have it 2 cans for $1.00, I stock up! That way I know he can enjoy it more! Also, I make sure there is coffee made for the morning and for after dinner. This is when he likes to drink it.

Another thing I do is to make sure that we clean up the house and greet him when he gets home. There is no sneaking in the house for this man! Someone spys dad coming down the road and calls out "Dad's home!" and several if not all rush out the door to greet him, including the dogs! And our teenage daughters. If they do not go out the door, then they come into the livingroom/kitchen area and greet him. Everyday! I am teaching them to honor their dad and to appreciate his hard work for them. He loves to come home!

I also have worked to make our home a haven, a place away from the stresses of work. If it is summertime, I will make him an iced coffee drink, and encourage him to relax for a while before he starts on a project. He really works hard and it is not easy for him to sit still.

I like to make his favorite meals, this is easy as he likes everything!

We like to do things together as a family, but we also really like being alone. If I want to surprise him, I tag along on a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot! Sometimes, if he is working on the car, I will go out and just sit with him while he works. This makes him happy, and I like being with him!

My husband is worthy of honor, and I like letting him know it! What do you do to show your husband honor and respect?


  1. What a blessing to hear this. I have tried to do things for Brook that I know he enjoys and sometimes get odd reactions from other friends or family members. I am glad to see I am on the right path in loving this wonderful man that God gave me!

  2. That was so nice.

    You are very thoughtful and caring of Tim.

    Becky K.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this post Auntie Dee!! You are a WONDERFUL wife to Tim! As I am sitting here, I am also thinking of the things I do for Ryan. Being the best wife we can be is what we are called to do. In a book I read about marriage, it used scripture describing how we are our husbands helpmate, to honor and encourage him during both the easy and not so easy times. You describe that beautifully...and I hope I do too!

  4. goodness, what a thoughtful and loving way to honor your husband. i'm blessed by reading it. :o)

  5. Hey Mrs. Rabe!

    I heard from Alicia that you'd shared this blog post and had to come over and say how inspiring it was to hear your responses to this question! :O) Your godly example is a blessing. I love that about sitting with your hubby while he works, and how you guys greet him when he arrives home. Grace and I love to do the same thing - she waits at the back door, sees his car pulling in and starts shouting "YAY!" and clapping, LOL! When she was younger, she was a total mama's girl and Ed was waiting for the day that she's run to him, "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Now that she does it's such a joy to my Hubs, and it's one of those small but pricesless things. Your post reminded me that even our children can bring our husbands honor and how it's important to do that as a family.

    Hope that you're enjoying a great and blessed week!

  6. Thanks for the great responses ladies!

    I just want to add that the things I do for MY husband, may not be the thing that means alot to YOUR husband! I encourage you to be a student of your husband, and see what a difference it can make!

  7. I *needed* to read this post! Too often I find myself selfishly complaining about doing things for my husband - to his face!- and I feel so bad about that. Thank you for the reminder and conviction.

  8. What if the husband prefer to go on company holiday trip without the spouse? The husband just thinks that mostly are guys who are going, so, it wont be convenient if the wife tags along and also can have some time to himself? Should the wife be mad? Should the wife not allow the husband to go on the trip?

  9. First of all, I would say that a husband wanting to go on a trip by himself has nothing to do with me showing him honor.

    As to his wanting to go on a "holiday" with just the guys, that is a different matter.

    First I would like to address the words you use to describe the issue - the husband "prefers", it isn't "convienent" if his wife "tags" along, the husband could have some time to "himself." Those are all negative terms relating to the relationship between husband and wife. I would be concerned if those terms are the way a couple viewed their relationship to each other.

    A husband and wife in a loving relationship do not consider the other person to be "inconvient" or a "tag a long." They desire to be together and to do things as a couple or as a family.


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