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Monday, February 18, 2008

Interesting Seminar and Other Ramblings

Painting by Claude Monet

We had a wonderful seminar. It was interesting as it could easily have been a "relating to people" seminar. We did a FIRO-B profile a few weeks before the seminar. FIRO-B stands for Fundamental, Interpersonal, Relationship, Orientation and the B = Behavior. The goal is to get you to see how you interact, control and how open you are in your relationships. These things are God given, and while they do not give you an excuse to say " this is the way I am, get over it", they are how you will tend to respond during stress. They speak in generalitites, so some of the things don't apply to you, and that's ok.

Tim and I knew alot of this before, but it was an interesting seminar and it was facinating to see how to understand others, and yourself and how that can help you relate to each other.

Saturday night we went to the Revere Tavern for a banquet with many couples from our church. You can check it out at The tavern was purchased in 1841 by James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States, and it became a parsonage for his brother Rev. Edward Buchanan and his wife Eliza Foster Buchanan. Eliza was the sister of Stephen Foster and he wrote some of his best known songs while there.

I just love Pennsylvania there is such history here! Of course being a history lover, I love being in Virginia and DC also. Being from California orginally I love the pioneer spirit that led families to travel west by covered wagon. My great grandmother traveled west from Kansas in a covered wagon when she was a girl. They lived in the San Diego area, and would take the ferry over to Coronado Island. There is a famous hotel on the island, the Hotel Del Coronado. I love it, even though we have never stayed there. The Grand Floridian Hotel at Disneyworld is modeled after the Hotel Del.
Aren't I a fount of knowledge today? My friend Jane says that I have a "trivial" mind!

Well, I have certainly been rambling haven't I?
Today we are enjoying spring like weather! We have some windows open and are loving it. Right now our dogs are laying in the sunshine on the deck!

And with that weather report, I will bid you good day!


  1. I live in Ca and never have been to the hotel in Coronado but have been to the Grand Floridian in FL.
    I know that Ryan and Alicia have that's where the picture on their Christmas Card was taken!

    I am glad you learned lots and had a great time!


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