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Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

My dear sister in law, Miss Paula at Gathering of Friends has given me this award. She gave it to me for being prayer partners along with Becky at Hospitality Lane. I could easily pass this award right back to them! Paula and I have known each other for about 38 years I think! We grew up in the same church, that her father pastored. When we were older we along with my brother (whom she married) and her sister Beth, used to have a standing date night on Fridays to play games and eat! We minus Robert used to go to Jazzerize together!
I have been in 3 waiting rooms with her while she gave birth to 3 of her children, she was with me when I had my oldest!
We have both grown and matured, thanks to the Grace of God! I am so thankful for her and her friendship.
As for Becky, we have known each other about 7 years? But she has become a true friend. One you can tell your heart's sorrows to, and know that she is going to help you take them to the only One who can carry them for you!
I want to pass this Random Acts of Kindness award along to Sherry at lula's heart. I know, I know every award I pass on is to her but she is just a kindred spirit in so many ways. She deserves all these awards! Also to Kelly at The Barefoot Momma. This is a new blog for me but she is sweet and loves the Lord and her family. I have enjoyed reading about staging a house for sale! It also encourages me to see young women walking with the Lord, and in this light I also want to give this award to our niece Melissa at Elijah's Adventures. She is a lovely, creative young wife and mother, who serves the Lord wholeheartedly!
Enjoy this award ladies! You deserve it!


  1. Ahhh...friendship and makes the world go round.

    Of course the bestest kind of friendship is that of our Ssvior Who gave up His life for us...then rose to get busy making us our next home! is gooood to know!

    Becky K.

  2. golly gee willikers you're just too kind, mrsRabe! thank you so much for thinking of me in this way. it warms my hardt to know the Lord uses me to touch the hardts of dear friends such as yourself.

    big hug for a precious sweetie! that would be **you**!

  3. What a beautiful award this is! Thank you so much for blessing me with it!
    This is going to be a fun one to pass on!


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