Elizabeth Bennet Is Having Kittens

We have two cats, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Knightly. They are from our now deceased cat's first litter. We had a Fitzwilliam Darcy as well, until the girls realized the next day that it was not a male but a female, so it quickly became Georgianna Darcy! We gave all these kittens away, but ended up with Lizzie and Mr. Knightly. They married and are now going to be parents - It is shocking I know! What will Lady Catherine de Bourgh say? Poor Mrs. Bennet! I think she just might take to her bed - this is certainly worse than Lydia running off with that awful Mr. Wickham! Jane Austen would be highly amused, I think.

We woke early this morning to hear tiny mew's coming from outside our bedroom window. She had her first kitten in our newly mulched flower bed. How delightful -

I will keep you updated as the day goes on.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Don't you love the places they choose to have as a birthing spot!

    I do think Jane would be amused, I giggled when I read the names :)

  3. Good thing Tim got that mulch out.
    He must have had a premonition...lol
    Becky K.


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