Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Photos

I trust you all had a great Mother's Day yesterday. Ours started off with the potential to be not good, but turned out fine.

You see Tim took us all to breakfast at Cracker Barrel before Sunday School. That was alot of fun and then we dropped the younger girls off at church for their classes. Then we went to get gas for the van and Tim remembered he needed oil filters so he ran into Napa to pick some up along with oil. While he was in the store, the head of the children's ministries called me and said that Rachel felt like she was going to be sick! Yikes. We headed right back there to pick her up. By then Tim decided to just stay at church with the older girls, and I took Rachel and Kyle over to my mom's (they live much closer to church than we do). I stayed there with those two during church. Rachel rested, and felt much better. Sigh. That was a relief. I think maybe she just ate too many pancakes at breakfast!

After church we went home and Tim grilled some steaks, and the girls made a great salad and cut up fresh pineapple, cantalope and strawberries! It was very yummy!

My children presented me with a delightful gift:


The Sense and Sensibility comes with "Miss Austen Regrets" so I received 3 movies!

I can't wait to watch them!

Here are some photos of the day:


  1. Rachel looks very fine in these pictures. I love the one with you and your Mom.
    I Love you both!

    Becky K.

  2. Love all the pics!!! All your kids are growing so much!! Beautiful family! Looks like you had a great mom's day!!

  3. I had a lot of catching up to do this morning on your blog! It was fun seeing all the pictures. You sure had a busy weekend!

  4. I love the pictures. It looks like Lindsay has passed you up but I can't tell if Emily has!! You all look like you had a great time!! I like the color on the wall, it makes a good background color for pictures!!


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