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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can You Hear My Sigh Of Relief?

Every year we have year end evaluations. We adore our evaluator and look forward to seeing her every year. She's great!

This year though it seemed as if everything was conspiring to hinder our preparation for the evaluations.

We ran out of toner for our printer and I didn't have the van available to me today! Yikes! Then the floppy disk I used to back up transcripts, objectives etc...won't open. Crazy! I had to retype them - 3 different objectives, and two transcripts! Plus help Rachel put her portfolio together. All year we save samples of their work to show our evaluator...this year Rachel had a lot of poetry she wanted to show her. Guess what? Rachel couldn't find it! She did manage to find some that she had thankfully saved on the computer...I backed all my important documents to my flash drive - I love that little thing - it's red too! My favorite color! No more floppy disks for me!

It all turned out fine - Tim brought the toner cartridge home with him, we printed off all the stuff we had saved, I am sigh hugely now at 12:17 am because all is ready - we can sleep easy tonight! Tomorrow I have to go get my root canal finished and the permanent crown put on...did I forget to tell you all that my tooth trouble ended up in root canal.

As of tomorrow afternoon, Lindsay will be finished with her high school education. I am very proud of her!

Talk to you again tomorrow!


  1. This post brings tears to my eyes. I know what you have been through in preparation for the evals. I am glad it is behind you.

    I am so excited for Lindsay!!!! She is a gem of a girl. Friday will be so fun.

    Hope all goes well with your coronation.

  2. Congratulations to Lindsay! (And you!)

    Although we are from PA, we never homeschooled while we lived there. I tend to forget how easy we have it in our state.

    So sorry about your tooth. It will all feel better soon, I hope.

  3. Becky - you are so funny! I guess that means I truly am queen!

    Tracy - Thank you! oh, and my tooth is no longer troubling me, Thankfully!

  4. WHEW!!! What stress that must have been..takes me back to my college days when I had a huge paper due and the ink runs out then the printer wont print..LOL

    Yay for Lindsay!

  5. Mornin Sweetie,

    I have something for you over on my blog.

    Love & Prayers,

  6. Great day for celebration!!

    Nothing better than to have stress behind you.


  7. IS the evals. for homeschooling checks?
    It will be all over soon right? Then summer break!

  8. Congratulations to your daughter!
    Not sure if you'll remember, but I used to have a blog (Southern Somedays) and you visited with me often. I deleted it when life got too busy, but wanted to stop by and say hi.

  9. whew.....sounds like all is well now .....except for the current post.....maybe you need a good summertime break....sounds like it to me..


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